How Could Something Called "Bratz" Be a Positive Influence?

I get the whole "fad" thing with kids, really. The more an adult bad-mouths a toy, the more the kid is going to think it's cool. The problem is that parents buy into these trends. I think it's messed up how some parents think these things are cute and actually encourage their daughters to emulate them.

My step-sisters are...I dunno 12...10 and 2? Their mother buys them those Bratz dolls and the movies/cartoons and they love all the ****** merchandise these people are spewing out. The two-year-old wears make up. The older ones wear mini-skirts and slutty little bikini tops. Why the hell are these things being made in children's sizes?! Their mother thinks it's cute...I think it's disgusting.

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7 Responses Mar 1, 2009

I totally agree that it is the parent's fault for letting their kids dress like hookers. I remember playing with barbie and I don't really have a problem if my daughter wants one. Bratz on the other hand is a whole different story. Why would I want her to play with something that is a Brat.

Tha is the deal with POP comes and it goes....unfortunately it is usually some other crap.

"consumer driven reform" i.e. vote with your dollars...if we as parents quit buying crap then the manufactures would quit making them.

Of course it's the parents' fault. <br />
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"I think Bratz and Barbies set a wrong example for girls" is the experience title. It's the parents' fault for letting their children be exposed to this crap, why would anyone dress a doll up like a clubber and sell it to children?

thats the parents fault! not a doll!

I never liked barbies when I was young. I cut her hair, dyed it with my colouring pens and made her a punk character in my imagined stories with other toy characters. Bratz are even worse. Just another example of the sexualisation of young girls.<br />
"I STILL have every LEGO (TM) I ever owned and my daughter now has her own..." - lego rocks :D!

still it comes down to the can have lousy toys and still grow up with manners/attitudes/confidence it is just that our commercialized world is making it more difficult for parents....PS I STILL have every LEGO (TM) I ever owned and my daughter now has her own...