A Variety Of Breasts

In the all the years I have been having sex and fooling around with women I have had the wonderful joy of honestly experiencing almost every size of breast there is. I've been with A,B,C,D,DD,and FF cup breasts. I am a boob guy and so in my preference I love the bigger the better...however with that being said, FF is a bit large! Not that I ever complained, however, she did always. About the back pain, the lack of clothing fitting her and all that. Plus the extreme attention all the males would show her, 36FF,30,38 Afghan girl with perfect tanned skin, brown eyes and black hair. Exotic and perfect, currently I am bless with a woman 32D,28,34 with blond hair and blue eyes. All breasts are beautiful, I just like the bigger the better :)
kenorapilot kenorapilot
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4 Responses Jul 16, 2010

Being a breast man myself I agree. All shapes, sizes, Saggy, flat, pointy .... Its all good.

Oh i'm sure my 6'3" fr<x>ame and decent size mouth could handle anything thrown at me! My GF's 32D's are perfect for my mouth! My hands are still too big for them, but its nice to be able to have all in one handful for a change! The 36FF's were A LOT! Not that I'd ever complain!

I would not agree....

Little ones are great. Any more than a mouth full is wasted.