I Like Them Too

When I was groing up I would see photos of grown women with large breasts, and I would think to myself.. I hope thats me when I grow up.  I didnt have much hope, and most of the women in my family have very small breasts.  I'm not sure what happened, but I think I got my wish. I love having big full round breasts.  They are the perfect fashion accessory!

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From your profile pic... I say yummmy

What a wish to be granted! Plus it sounds like you know how to avoid the problems of being so lucky, you keep yourself in good shape. It helps to avoid so many other problems too! When I transition I plan to have a bosom like yours.

I don't have any desires to have a reduction. I work out all the time and keep in shape. I don't have any back pain and as crazy as this might sound I kind of wish that they were bigger, maybe a little fuller. I enjoy the attention now. I got my wish.. and I love them.

I've had 5 girl-friends that have had breast reduction surgery. it may cure your back pain but it doesn't cure everything. All but 4 of the girls wanted to sue their doctor for taking off to much. you know they all acted like once they get their boobs lopped they'd be training for the olympics and get slender. but after the surgery they put on weight during the recovery and now couldn't lose it. oh yeah now i remmebr "QUEEN LATIFAH" had said she's never have reduction surgery because her large bosoms identify her as a black woman and she's proudof.....then after she got them redused their was a run on breast reductions by blakc women.

wow.. hope i can see that..hehehe

Well, this was before I had any.. so anything would be an improvement. Coming from a family of smaller breasted women I didn't really have great expectations either, but now I'm sort of the family anomaly. They all know who I am now at the family reunions though!

**** are soooo nice! :-) dc

Sounds like you are the exception to the rule. Generally women with straight hair want curly and vice versa. Usually women with large breasts want them smaller and vice versa.