He Created Some Of The Best Music Ever!

I used to think The Beach Boys were just a surfing song pop group that my parents loved. As I got older & revisited some of my parent's old album collection, I had a new appreciation for the perfect vocals and harmonies. Then I started listening to the album Pet Sounds & began to realize how ahead of its time and innovative it was. It was so complicated but sounded so beautiful & simple. God Only Knows lyrically & musically is one of the best songs ever recorded. Unfortunately great geniuses are often tortured souls, and Brian Wilson who was the heart of the group was lost for years in drugs and mental illness. He finally finished the Smile album in 2004 & it is amazing.
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2 Responses Jan 16, 2013

The Tchaikowsky of pop-rock etc.

while I like some of that music I think "Mozart of rock n roll" is a bit of a stretch.
Thank you for sharing your story.