Chatting With My Older British Mate

I have a friend who lives in London a bit older very sweet& hot i sometimes wish we were closer in age 12 years is not so bad i guess lol i hear brits love black women and they make great lovers google it ! lol
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No one like blacks

Im sure ur grandmother did lol

Hi there my name is SACH,
cool and fun,
studying actor from the UK,
please befriend me,
I entertain with intent,
feel free to view my profile and stories beforehand
to get a fun feel

I like any type of color,
but yeah,
Black women are the bomb lol

Black brits loves black women too and age is nothing but a number.

As a British 49 yr old man I love sexy women, race immaterial, age also, within reason. In sex I want to make sure she is as horny and hot as poss and I love to make her really tingling hot horny it's such a turn on you get my undivided attention, consideration, effort and rampant energy. I'm a lot more adventurous nowadays too and willing to try lots more. I don't do the old grope, **** and rollover. If I *** too quick you made it happen cos ur so hot if ur that hot ill stay hard for you cos ill be dying to **** with you too cos I want to see you when YOU *** red faced and writhing in pleasure. XXX;0))
British is best lol!

Drop me a line if you fancy chatting about anything.

age dosnt matter and yes we british guys love black women and know how to make love