My Hero,my Love, My Truest Friend

It's with deep emotion and diamonds shining in my eyes that I write this little short story. For If I go into it, it would be a novel.

I worked for a company and did all the books, logs, and PR work and talked with many many men daily due to the nature of my position

I had previously been in  an abusive marriage for over 10 years and though I never spoke of it this gentleman was the sweetest kindest man and always made a point to say a cheerful word to me every single day when he called in or arrived at the office

One day he treated me to a steak dinner and that was the beginning of the best relationship I have ever experienced!

My heart was soothed and pacified and spoiled and pampered by this sweet Englishmen and we spend 5 happy years together.  Because he was twice my age, I wore his ring but never did tie the knot.

Sometimes I get really sad when I think of why I let factors and age keep us apart.

To this day, and about 15 years , a short brief sad relationship to a very different personality and 2 aweseome kids later, ....we l are stil the best of friends and he would still take my hand in marriage. BRITISH men rock!!!

A friend sent me this .   ENJOY!!!!!!

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3 Responses Feb 28, 2010

Wow. How inspirational. It's amazing the strength bond that the two of you must share. I wish both of you (and yo rockin kids) the best of luck, and well being.

I love your short story.What a treasure u found ...and he found in u. I can feel the warmth and strength you have in these words...Thank you. hugs benetal

take his hand take his hand! lol