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A living creature is placed into an arena, tortured and forced to fight to their long, painful death in view of an audience, for the sake of entertainment, nothing more.

What is more disturbing is, who on earth finds such a display as death, entertaining?  It resonates to public executions and the blood thirsty audiences that desired to see Christians being slaughtered by Gladiators, public beheadings, stonings and hangings.  (The latter of which does still exist)


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In a typical Spanish-style bullfight, the bull enters the arena and after being provoked into several charges is approached by picadores, men on blindfolded horses who drive lances into its back and neck muscles. The bull's ability to lift its head is impaired due to severe loss of blood. Then come the banderilleros on foot, who proceed to stab banderillas-"brightly colored sticks with harpoon points" into the bull's back to further increase the pain.

Woman matator stabbing the bull with a sward in a three stage photo. The bull shows a clear ex<x>pression of pain (c) League Against Cruel Sports

When the bull has been weakened sufficiently, these banderilleros run the bull in more circles until it is dizzy and stops chasing. Finally, the matador appears and, after forcing a few charges from the exhausted and confused animal, tries to kill the bull with his sword. If he misses, he stabs the submissive animal on the back of the neck until it is paralysed. The dagger is supposed to cut the spinal cord, but even this can be blundered, leaving the bull fully conscious when its ears or tail are cut off as trophies. The bull may then be dragged away from the arena whilst it is still alive, and butchered out of sight for its meat to be distributed to the food market.  

A fair fight?

Close up of several bloody banderilhas stabbed on the bull's back in a Portuguese style bullfight (c) League Against Cruel SportsBullfighting is not a fair 'fight'. It is a fight between a single bull and several men with horses and weapons. In addition, bulls are often drugged or have their horns altered. One common illegal practice is to 'shave' the bulls' horns by sawing off a few inches. This affects their co-ordination and makes the horns more sensitive to pain.

Other victims

Injures on the horse's flank produced by repeated spurring in a Portuguese style bullfight (c) League Against Cruel SportsThe bulls are not the only victims in the arena. The horses used in classic Spanish-style are blindfolded so that they don't become frightened of the charging bull. They are often accidentally gored, as are some horses in Portuguese-style bullfights. We should also not forget that, occasionally, people are also killed in bullfights. In 2004, six people died in bullfights.


Child watching a bullfight in Portugal (c) League Against Cruel SportsFrom the age of nine, children are taught the 'art' of torturing and putting bulls to death in bullfighting schools. As part of the training, children learn to stab young bulls, which often suffer a great deal in the process due to the inexperience of the pupils. These schools are subsidised by the French and Spanish authorities.
In Catalonia, children under 14 are banned from attending bullfights, but there is no such restriction in the rest of Spain

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Right. It's a pathetic sight, the animal is all fear and pain.

Bullfighting is inexcusable. End of story.