Not a Fair Fight

Enough of this pitting man against bull. Let's call it what it is: a GROUP of men that torture and sufficiently weaken the bull so that the matador has a chance. That first stage of the fight, where the guys on horses stick the bull with sharp pecadillos? That's really designed to weaken the neck muscles so that the bull won't turn his head so fast and maybe gore the matador. Not to mention the blood loss and pain. And that's all BEFORE the matador even sets foot in the ring. 

Hell, make it a fair fight at the very least. Better yet, figure out some less sadistic way to show off your macho crap. 

paulinlv paulinlv
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7 Responses Dec 22, 2008

Thank you, paulinlv. I like you already.

Bullfighting is right up there with bear-baiting and dog fighting in terms of cruelty.<br />
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Anyone that gets a thrill watching animals get tortured probably needs a lot of therapy. It's not normal to cheer when you watch an animal get tortured.

It absolutely sickens me...I am TOTALLY with you paulinlv...<br />
It's not man against beast, if it were that, I would totally be ok with's a rigged exhibition of cruelty for the sake of "trying" to prove they are MACHO...<br />

You said it all!! They even cover the horses bellies because they get gored while they are wearing down the bull! Its just cruel Bullshi_!!!

me too %100 agree!!

I completely agree.

Macho Crap. here here :)