I do think it's cruel. The animal cannot possibly enjoy it, and it is pure exploitation.

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I used to live in Madrid....many spaniards/latin americans think it is inhumane as well. the spears are to try to sever the spinal cord to kill it instantly. and every now and then they respect an exceptionally beautiful animal and do not "fight it." I'm not condoning it in any way tho...just some facts. i'm vegetarian =)

I never thought it was that bad hearing about it...until I actually went to see one on a trip to Spain a few years ago. I thought it was just one guy against the bull, but that's not it at all. There's all these other guys throwing barbed spears at the bull, practically bleeding it dry to tire it out enough so the bullfighter can approach it for the kill. I think it is very un-sportsman like, and unnecessary to continue as a sport. At least they eat the bull after wards.......but STILL.

I totally agree. Animals should not be tortured for entertainment and clothing.