The Holy Rollers Get Some Musical Entertainment

I have to give credit to a very good EP friend of mine by the name of Forceunleased, I have known him probably about a year and he is like a close cousin to me.
I have done a prank similar to this one before but a few weeks back he came up with the idea so I thought why not give it a try.

My family are southern baptist we have been for generations, my grandfather was a pastor and my uncle is a deacon, but my particular family usually only attends church on Sunday morning.

I have sat in those pews just about every sunday of my whole life, church normally last 2 hours start to finish and let me tell you it gets extremely boring sitting on those hard benchs listening to the pastor blabber on about the same thing he does every week, I used to fall asleep when I was a really little kid but of course im not allowed to do that anymore. So every Sunday while I sit there it entertains me to think of pranks I can pull to make the services a little more interesting whahahahahahaha

My grandfather passed away a few months back and so they got this new guy to take his place, he's younger and not bad only problem is  he thinks he's cool (but really he's not) so anyway we were sitting there about halfway through his sermon on, something about Job, and anyway I thought it would be a good time to wake everyone up.
So I slipped out of my seat and quietly left the sanctuary trying not to make any sudden movements that might have attracted attention.
I went back to the sound room where all the controls for the speakers are  kept, and  for some brilliant reason the guy who usually is back there was gone, ha ha what luck it couldnt have worked out any more perfect.
I had brought my iPod with so I plugged it into the main sanctuary that would  play through the main speakers, I turn down preacher boy's mic and pushed play.................. :'D hahahahaha everyone about jumped out of their seats when "I'm Sexy and I Know It" blasted through the speakers.
I locked the door of the sound room and went to go to my favorite hiding spot (the supply closet under the stairs) and wait to see what would happen. The reason I did this is because I didnt want to be around when they tried to get in there, and if I wasnt in that room they couldnt demand for me to open the door and shut it off, they would have to go and get the key.
I danced around to the song for a while but it only got about halfway through before  they busted into the sound room and turned off the music, hahahahahahaha most of the people that go to our church are elderly couples there are a few young families but mostly there is people 50+, ha ha they were horrified at the "garbage" kids these days listen too.
Hahahahahah but give me a break they need some more hip music than those ancient hymns.

Eventually my hiding spot was discovered and my dad dragged me out and yelled at me a lot he doesnt like when I disrupt church and he said that was a bit of an "inappropriate" song for the Sunday morning service.
He was going to punish me but the pastor spoke up and said it was okay, kids are kids they like to have fun, he gave me a really weird look though kinda like "I know your up to something bad and I am going to find out what it is" look. There is something about that guy  I dont like.
Well anyway, everyone got settled down and church continued as normal, except for some bizarre reason the subject got changed from "Job" to "how teenagers get into bad unchristian like things and how they need to be set straight."
I got a bunch of glares from almost everyone but oh well, You Only Live Once, so why not party and have while you can can't all be grumpy old people.
So there you Forceunleased thank you for the idea and I wish you could have been there to see it it was a lot of fun =D.
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oh my gosh you actually did that!?

that's so funny i just had to show my friends this story and they all were practically rolling on the floor laughing