Extremely Bad Nose Picking Habit And Switched At Birth

The reason the title to this story is so long is because its a combination of two prank I pulled over the course of this weekend.
The first beginning with a fan favorite.............Clay.
Thurday night I was watching 'The Wild Stallion" with my sister Ashley, and I got an idea for a prank
My brother doesnt live here anymore but he still works for my dad on our ranch but every afternoon he comes in the house finds something to eat and then takes a nap in his favorite hammock.
So friday afternoon he was sleeping soundly and I got my secret pranking weapon (Gorilla Glue) I very very carefully took his hand put a little glue on his finger and stuck it in his nose.
:'D I know that is a really mean prank but Clay is tough he will live and hopefully get through it without crying ha ha ha.
My mom forced me to go get a facial done at the spa so I was far away when he very angrily called and yelled some unmentionable things over the phone.
Bascially "Bleep, bleep, nose, bleep bleep, dumb prank, bleep bleep, I'm going to kill you!!!"
All I could do was laugh but I did tell him where he could find the nail polish remover in my bathroom, so I was nice and did help him with that so he didnt have his finger stuck up his nose the rest of the day.

My next prank takes place, Sunday morning in Church, sunday was a very special day because my EP mom gave birth to a very precious baby girl whom is named after me =), so since it was a baby day I thought why not pull a prank involving babies.
We have a nursery in our church, usually there are only one or two toddlers in there but right now we have 3 babies and two toddlers, my nephew Clayson who on that day was a month old but he is growing fast, one if the pastors baby girl Danielle I think she is maybe 3 or 4 months but she is small, and Hayden who is about 2 months and the same size as Clayson. And the two toddlers, are my other nephew Cade, and the pastors son who is about 3.
Our church gets a baby sitter during the sunday morning service so that they parents dont have to watch their kids, but you want to keep your children close when I am around wha ha ha ha ha ha

After the service everyone stands around and talks before they leave so since I know the girl who babysits I offered to watch the kids so she could have a quick break.
I wrapped up Clay's baby Clayson  in the pink blanket, put Claysons blue blanket on Hayden, and took Haydens blanket since it was green put that on the pastors baby girl.
I knew I was going to get heck from the parents for doing this but was it really my fault they didnt keep track of their own kids.
Everyone was ready to head home, the pastor came and picked up Clayson out the bassinet and carried him to the car, and Clay came by and picked up the carseat that Hayden  was sleeping in and headed outside, my evil scheme would have worked except, the mother of Hayden came in the nursery, picked up Daniella and noticed right away it wasnt her baby.
Ha ha ha ha ha the pastor and Clay hurried in next, paniced that they almost brought home the wrong baby!!! Clay had gone as far as put Hayden in the car but then he woke up and was crying and Clay noticed his eyes were blue not brown, and a similar thing happen to the pastor when he noticed Clayson's pajamas were blue not pink.
They were MAD thats for sure ( "madder than a toad in a hot skillet", as the pastors said he's from the deep south of Georgia), and I got yelled at a lot and lectured but I explained to them this techinally was their own fault.
And I managed to talk my way off the hook, and escaped unpunished hehehehehe

I know that could  have ended badly and I am sorry I wont pull at stunt like that again but again not my fault, people need to pay more attention to their kids.

bullgirl104 bullgirl104
18-21, F
Sep 24, 2012