Fifty Percent Off Shave

This year we had a great Thanksgiving, a lot of good food and family memories, each year the whole clan comes from all parts of the country and we all have Thanksgiving together and they stay for a little while afterward.
Well Wendesday we were over at my Aunt and Uncles house, and I was talking with my second cousin Bradley, he is a few years younger than me, last year he didnt want to be seen talking with a "girl" but I guess he has heard some of my pranking stories and thinks I am pretty Awesome ha ha =D.
Well anyway everyone went out on the porch after lunch and all the adults were having boring conversations, so we began scheming up a prank.

I'm not at all sure where this idea came from but Bradley suggest........." Hey you wanna help shave off my grandpa's mustache?
I had to think about that for a moment then I got that evil smirk on my face and agreed to help him.
We went in the house and very quietly sneaked past my aunt who was busy making pies for Thanksgiving. We went in the bathroom and got the shaving cream and a razor and headed toward the family room where my Uncle Arlie was peacefully sleeping.

Some people would think it would be wierd that he was fast asleep when the house was full of guests and family, but he is an old retired cowboy and  his whole life he is used to getting up ridiculously early seriously I mean like at 4 a.m. So around two or three in the afternoon he dozes off and takes a nap for an hour or so.

In Texas we have a saying........."Never mess with another mans hat, woman, or mustache" ..............actually the last one is whiskey, but I had to change it a little for this story.
Bascially what I am getting at is what we were doing is ethically wrong according to the code of the cowboys but times change hahahaha HaHaHaHaHa HAHAHAHAHA

We stood over his favorite recliner trying to decide what we should do, he was sleeping deep thats for sure, his chest was moving up and down and he was slighly snoring.
Bradley wanted to do the shaving but I decided I should do it myself, after all I didnt want to cut him and give me a break Bradley hasnt even shaved his own face yet, it would not be a wise idea for him to try shaving someone elses face.
Bradley smeared of the shaving cream and I stood over Uncle Arlie and very very carefully did the honors of  removing half of his mustache, we had originally thought of taking the whole thing off but figured half a shave would be funnier ha ha.
I shaved his lip smooth, we wiped his face with a towel, then we slipped outside and peeked in through the window to see his reaction.
He didnt stay sleeping long my sister Erica and cousin Caden had a disagreement  and he woke up to settle the dispute,  they looked up at his face and  both fell to the ground laughing.............of course he didnt understand why.
No matter why time of year it is everyone in the south enjoys an ice cold glass of sweet tea, so he went into the kitchen to get a drink.
My Aunt's mouth fell open in shock when she saw him, she said "Ummmmmm Hon you have uhhhhh.............Do you need to look in the mirror?" she was making motions towards her mouth, so he reached up and touched his lip, his eyes got wide got wide when he touched smooth skin ha ha ha ha ha, he rushed to the nearest mirror in the dining room and we all heard him roar...................."AHHHHHRRRRGGGG WHO EVER DID THIS IS GONNA HAVE TROUBLE SITTING DOWN FOR A LOOOONG TIME WHEN I GET THROUGH WITH THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Despite the fact that we were just threatened we couldnt help but laugh ='D unforchantly Uncle Arlie heard us giggling and we didnt duck out of the window in time, we heard the kitchen door slam and we knew he was out for blood...............he might be an old guy but MAN he is quick.
We tried to run but he caught us..... duh Duh DUUUHHHHHHH.
He got both us by the ears and hauled us in the house : / Yikes we are really going to get it now, we tried to convince him we had nothing to do with it but come on who are we trying to fool im the Prank Master General my work is know all around the world ;D
He got the leather strap and dragged us out back to the woodshed........................Since he assumed I was the ring leader he whipped me first, it hurt a lot but I was still laughing to much to cry, try and keep a straight face when the person who is disiplining you only has half a mustache hahahahahaha :'D.
I got 30 whacks it actually wasnt that bad, like I said when you are laughing so hard you are crying you dont have time to be sad.
Bradley got the same as me except when he came out he was wiping the tears off his face *shaking my head* what a whimp.

Well Uncle Arlie had the misfortune of running into everyone else, they all tried to contain thier  laughter, but lets face it he looked ridiculous. My older cousins know better than to make fun of thier father, but my dad couldnt help it he tried to hold it in but lost it and burst out laughing ha ha ha.
In all families there is usually a reserved and responsible older brother.....that would be Uncle Arlie and then there is  a pesky and annoying younger brother....that would be my dad.....he wouldnt stop laughing and Uncle Arlie was getting annoyed so he raised the strap and yelled "DO YOU WANT THIS TOO????????" ha ha ha my dad stepped back and threw up his hands and said "No No I am good."

Uncle Arlie eventually went in the bathroom and returned with the rest of his mustache shaved off. I tried to butter him up by saying "You know with the stache gone you look 25 years younger." He roasted me with a glare ha ha so I didnt mention it the rest of the day.

Well it has been a fun last couple of days, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it reminds us of our families and no matter how mad or upset we get, we always forgive each other and make up and are laughing in no time.
Family is forever and like the old saying goes "Cant live with them..........Cant live without them."

Happy Pranksgiving hahaha HaHaHaHa HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

bullgirl104 bullgirl104
18-21, F
Dec 4, 2012