Truly Pathetic

People bully others because they are actually weak, scared, and insecure. They want to make others feel bad in order to make themselves feel better. They also have a need to dominant because they feel weak and that they have no control.
A strong and brave individual deals with low self-esteem and feeling a lack of control within themselves instead causing damage to others. They turn inward, instead of outward against others, to make themselves be and feel better.
Bullies disgust me. They are true abusers. Just like a person that beats on a child they feel the need to make someone that they perceive as weaker to suffer. They need to feel that they control other people and how those others feel. If you feel worse then me than I can't feel that bad. If I am strong enough to make you feel bad than I am not as weak as I feel. Pathetic.
lyricaldemise lyricaldemise
41-45, T
Dec 16, 2012