Lockeroom Beatdown

So there is always that one annoying wanabe who always makes fun of people. You mightve got into verbal fights with the kid but probably lost and took a wave of laughter from bystanders. Well he has done this to me and others for over a year, for example, he continuesly slapped a kid until he cried. Not only that he has a short temper and will get physical and racial. He and his group started calling me Chinese (Im chinese) so we got into a verbal fight, but soon enough he started to punch me so I pushed him.
the teacher came seperated us apart and sent us to the principals office. I ended up getting a day of alternative class and he got 3 days of suspension.So the next year we went to a new school and the first 3 weeks, i couldnt take it anymore, I slapped him he punched me. Nobody liked him so they encouraged me to fight him, I refused. Little did he know, I waited to the end of athletics and stormed into the locker room, he avoided me with fear making an excuse ''I dont like gay people". I said "**** u b**ch". He threw his deoderant aside acting tough and taunted me. With high confidence i fake jabbed, right cross him three times and with that he fell. Another student broke us up, I walked out with feeling accomplised. I grabbed my backpack and ran in fear of being tardy. A Witness told me his ears were red and talked to the coach about this. I got in trouble, but the punishment was "the talk".The secretary even told us to be friends, I refused. In my opinion i think i did the right thing, violence is not always the answer but in this case it is.
basketballforlife basketballforlife
18-21, M
Sep 16, 2012