Worse, He Is Dangerous

If he was just stupid, our country might be able to get through it with little damage, but he is egocentric and acts more like a ruler of a totalitarian government.

I think the scariest thing about Bush's presidency, the thing that will have a long term effect on this country, is his appointees to the Supreme Court.

He has also managed to alienate our country from the majority of other nations in the world. He has undone years of positive relationships between us and some of our allies. I don't know that we can blame him for this, but I'm sure he played a part, in Russia's apparent move away from democracy recently.

His presidency can't be over fast enough, and I pray we get an intelligent, thoughtful savvy president the next time around.

WittyOne WittyOne
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2 Responses Jul 9, 2007

Bush is easily the worst President in my memory, which stretches back to Eisenhower. The price tag for the war in Iraq is climbing to half a TRILLION dollars. Remember that Iraq did not invade anybody, we invaded them. His presidency has had no domestic accomplishments whatever. He has caused us to be despised around the world. But the worst of it is his smug self-satisfaction, his arrogance, and his willingness to proceed blindly forward without seeking the counsel of those who actually understand the issues.

All I can say is that at least he is not kerry! I think that if the other canidate in the last election had been a better choice that we may have had a better president. Though to be honest..no matter what president we have some group will have an issue with them! <br />
I do believe that we have been overseas long enough...too long really...he did what he said, but why are the troops still there?<br />
That is all I am saying, I will get into a rant if I go into other issues..