Neighbours Button Back Dresses

My older neighbours daughter tried to get me in a dress for years.
Wehn I was ten she succseded. We were alone on the farm, and got into a heavy downpour. The nearest house was theirs, and we ran inside. Because our clothes were dripping, she proposed that we'd change, she would look for something that fit me.
The only thing she said she could find was an old dress of her. So she handed me the dress and ushered me in the bathroom. In there I put the dress on and did the buttons up front, but it didn't sat right. When I came out of the bathroom, she laughed and told me that I had the dress on wrong. She unbuttoned it, lifted it of me and told me to turn around. Then she slipped it on me again. I tried to reach the buttons, but couldn't. She smirked and slowly did the buttons up on my back. She then proceded to tie the shash in a bow, too. We sat in front of the TV while it was raining. After some hours, my clothes were dry again, but she wouldn't unbutton the dress for me, so I was stuck. She only let me out of the dress when the weather became better.
After that, she repeatedly got us in the rain near to her house, and she just had a button back dress that fit me lying around.
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I wished that would happen to me now and as a child I all ways wished for a dress that button up back and a pink cardigan

I found it more depends on the style of the button-back dress as some are fitted from the waist up and others are more a floating style. Also if the dress is a size or two bigger then the wearer then the boy might be lucky and be able to reach them on his own, though it's still almost like getting out of a strait jacket. But then once a boy is in such a button dress and doesn't mind so much it's the sweetest feeling of surrender there can be!

As for zippered dresses, as Melodie already mentioned, they can be quite a chore to get out of as well, as I found out frequently while trying on my mother's fitted dresses when I grew into her exact dress size at about age 12. And it seems pulling a zipper down is much harder than pulling one up when under tension, due to straining to reach the zipper. Sometimes it took me more than 20 minutes to escape that fitting entrapment, and once or twice managed it just before my parents came in the front door! Yikes! But I believe that button back dresses are more well suited for little girls than grown woman, and that's what makes their encasement all the more heavenly.

what a nice neighbor you had.