Loose But Not Sagging

I love wearing loose pants, and hate wearing jeans, bondage pants, anything tight that restricts my movement. But I don't like pants that sag, mine stay up at my waist, or hang on my hips, but if they go any lower, again, they're restricking movement.

And don't get me wrong--I'm not ashamed of my legs. Hell, they're my favorite part of my body, even including some parts that don't get mentioned in polite company.

Seeing those pants on another, though, is truly stunning. Especially when paired with a close-fitting top, or no top at all. The contrast is a small part of it.

But bigger part is when we've been doing a little dance, and afterward, not only are they wearing cargoes, but they're wearing mine. Nothing like seeing them in my pants, literally rather that metaphorically.
mononoaware mononoaware
26-30, M
Dec 16, 2012