The Title Says It All

This guy gets laughs only by using stereotypes...a lot of them of hispanics, which I guess he thinks (and his audience as well) he can get away with since he is one.  I'm not so offended by him, it's just that he's really not funny.

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me too :)

I cant stand him....I get bored with his comedy very quickly!! I dont like the use of stereo-types in comedy at all. I dont find it amusing. I hope his show did get cancelled!!

very true

Yeah unfortunately there are many famous people who perform that aren't funny to many of us but there are segments of society they appeal to or they wouldn't be on TV. It's a pretty sad reflection of the society we live in.

He steals his material too, on many occasions. There is nothing unique about him and he can't put a joke together without falling back on a stereotype; therefore, he's not funny.

He's a comedian with a show on Comedy central. It may have been cancelled for all I know. You're better off not knowing who he is.

really had no idea who he was. i just got bored and this came up on random mode, but ya your story made me hate him....which i guess is for the best!

Most people will sell their soul for a buck. It's sad but true.

Yeah there's a lot of that deal going around where people think that they can say terrible and insensitive things about a group of people because they are a member. I've also been encountering quite a lot of people who say rude things all the time but follow it up with "just kidding". Some people think they have a license to say anything as long as they say they are kidding. It's a subtle way to take cheap shots and give oneself an ego boost by bringing others down.

I've never seen him perform, but I think I can relate to the idea. As a woman I'm not amused by female stand-ups who get cheap laughs at "female behaviour" that doesn't apply to me in any way size shape or form.

I don't even know if his show is still on. I read recently that a large percentage of hispanics think there are serious problems of hispanic on hispanic hate and judgement. I'm a substitute teacher and a few weeks back I had a hispanic student making jokes about "wetbacks" and crossing the border, etc. Another female hispanic said she didn't think this was funny and I agreed. It really showed me this phenomena on a personal level.

he is not funny, he's irritating. And I also agree that he is racist. And I think his accent is fake, or at least exaggerated.

all ethnic groups have one of 'these' people using stereotypes of their specific ethnic group to bring laughs along with truckloads of dollar bills. it's disgusting really ... it's not true humor. we shouldn't be pointing out or differences with such flagrant disregard. this only perpetuates racism and things of the like. *sighs*