Caylee Will They Still Look For Who Killed Her ?

I would like to know FLA. will you still be looking for the one
 who took the life of Caylee? Or will fla. drop the ball again ?
or did they let the real person go that didnt report the baby missing for 30 days
 I just got to ask why she didnt report the baby missing ? it just looks like a cover up.
 I say this becalse she hid the fact the baby was ''missing'', s many questions I as a mother I am asking.
   i can understand if she got scared to face her mother and father . so many questions so many of us mothers ,dad's grand parents
anyone that has children wonder why all the cover ups and lies ? I know the feeling of cant find my daughter . when my daughter
wasnt home from school , she walked every day and i would walk to her school to met her this one day i was running late
my daughter wasnt home by the time i got home it was 30 minutes late she wasn't  home, i walked back to her school and i made them
aware of her being missing she was in the 4th grade then i told the school i was walking back home checking my house and my neighbors
house and i would be back to the school if she wasnt at my house checking for the 2 time i was calling 911
I was scared to death i was having panic attacks . i went to my house and checked every room in the house back yard
her room closets ,then i walked to my  neighbors  , the old couple said she was there i thanked them and walked back to the school and i told them
every things was ok . i understand getting scared , i just dont understand the cover up and it was a cover up when you lie and are descriptive
on what you really know is the truth and you send police on false leads wasting thier time looking  for a child you know is not alive
you have covered up the truth , when you minuplate  poeple to hid the truth to hid your scared you choice  your fate and its just wrong
maybe the real truth scared casey more than just lying about what really happend .one day she will self destruct  from all her lies.
and its so sad the while family such lies controle and abuse , i do feel she was abused but i wont say what kind of abuse because
i am not a shrink , but her actions her action out does say alot . but what ever abuse she suffered  has effected who she is and the most
 self destructive  thing shes done was not reporting what really happened  and  that's a crime .but after all the madness of
all the tv shows find a new person to drama out thier crime they will move on from Casey . I do wish her luck in moving on with her
life shes branded with a Scarlett  letter baby killer , and i dont think that will be easy to live down . even if she didnt kill her daughter
shes still a branded woman, i feel she will do all right people like her always land on thier feet like a cat . i think people are so angry because
 it seems like she didnt even show any empathy  ,pitty, or even compassion to what happend to her baby it all was edited to look like
she didnt care , but thats  the magic of tv ,they edit it any way they want the public to feel like everyone is a pupet , and it worked
the tv producers have made everyone hate Casey . they made her look worse than she is . i dont know her but its sad .
lunnas lunnas
41-45, F
Jul 8, 2011