Who Do They Think They Are??

WHY do the Anthony's (including Casey) think THEY can have a "reunion" without guards or survelience??????? NO other inmates charged with murder get this treatment....especially for the MURDER of child, that her family is trying to cover up for her!!!!!  They just want to get their stories straight!  Lee Anthony is on tape telling Casey that she should write through the mail.....what a dumb-***...they can look for contraband in ANYONES mail incoming or outgoing.  You have no privacy and that is the point!  WHY the hell are they not seeking the death penalty???? They have to have a better reason than that Casey is young and pretty.....Caylee was very young and cute, shouldnt that matter???

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3 Responses Apr 5, 2009

it reminds me of o j

This is by far the most horrible crime I've ever read about and to think that the whole family try to cover it up is beyond comprehension.<br />
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And yes, the feeling of entitlement is disgusting.

I think her lawyer is a fool ... there is no way he is gonna get her out of this! She's gonna get murder 1. The best she could hope for is to admit she killed Caylee accidentally with the cloraform and panicked. The evidence is so profound against her...I say FRY her!