Oh where Oh where has are little group gone oh where oh where can they be....

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does it make you feel better bebe if I say this: "Yep. it's saturday. I only know that cos I just took my pill and it said Saturday on the packet. I'd be lost without my pill. was that too much info" is how i know what day it is too?

you caught it from Britney

and we can hope Britney has it

It's highly contagious, it makes one super, super sleepy and you have to stay in bed and away from people and fun for a long time. Mono = bad.

yeah mono is the least of her issues LOL

Not only did she make out with Madonna, but she had sex with Kevin Federline.<br />
<br />

but with madonna? no not hot...<br />
<br />
she probably got mono

some chick that once made out with madonna<br />
<br />
or did she make out a few times with madonna?<br />
<br />

Who's Britney?<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />

blame Britney

LMAO SS.<br />
<br />
I've had that happen more than once.

I miss y'all playing and laughing at all the fun!!! Speechless hurry back.

It's Saturday?

Don't cry I saved some good pics for your creations <br />
<br />
and it's Saturday<br />
<br />
I think

and I can only attach pics to those groups when I know he's watching<br />
<br />
I mean I'm now having to waste good pics on MY groups

I miss the groups though... the daily new group was the highlight of my stalking him

I have wondered that myself .... that's what blogs are for, forums -- : )