I was kidnapped when I was four and molested for three days by two men. I have only one memory, the day I was found. I was sitting on the lap of one of my abductors drawing when suddenly the police came barreling through the door! That's all I remember of the three days that changed my life's journey, altered every dream I had or ever would have. The day my innocence was stolen and smashed like a pumpkin after Halloween.

It was also the day I saw my rescuers! My saviors. Something so strongly implanted into my brain that I married a cop!

It's taken thousands of hours of therapy and so many different med's, to get me to where I am today. No more med's and a functional human being who has always fought for the rights if children!

I've learned that these individuals (male & female) generally come from abusive backgrounds or are seriously mentally I'll. I think once this behavior begins in an individual it generally does not stop. There are always exceptions to every rule but it's extremely rare for a molester to stop.

I do feel some sense of sorrow, not much, for the ones who end up carrying on the family legacy, if you will.
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What did you need all that therapy for if you had only one memory?

*unzips pants*

I am so sorry for you terrible experience! My brother is a kidnapping and abuse survivor and I've seen how it affects his entire life and interactions (and mine and our family's lives as well). I hope you continue to heal every day.