They Deserve Worse!

These are the worst kind of people I totallu despise on this planet...they are nothing more than a cancer that needs to be cut right out and dicarded! They deserve the death penalty...but before they go there, they should be opnely disgraced in the old days, put them in nrackets on their knees, all locked up...and have the public do what they will to them, just like way back then when they would catch criminals in the villages....they deserve nothing but that...they lost their rights the day they began hurting our children, taking thier innocence away, before they stole the joy of their childhood away, they dserve the worst humans can throw at them, they are the filth of this world and should be treated just like such.....
    Recently the supreme courts just over turned something fantastic.....the Catholic church doing what they do best....hiding like maggot child molesting priets...and the ones who were protecting them were very high up church officials, the fight was not to have their names put in public for doing so....supreme court over ruled it and exposed every name that was hiding these maggots, and now they can no longer hide behind religion when they commit these crimes....they will be charged and treated like other criminal losers who do this!! what a great day!! 
  They should be ******** of thewir so called high ranking places in the church and put before their followers, to show them what a bunch of scum bags they are, the Italian people are now looking at these leaders in a whole different way they should, your Catholic leaders are scum bags and just got the slam down by the supreme courts fo hiding child molesting priests!!!! what makes them so special? just because they wear a damn cloth? well they certainly not of God!! not any more...just a man wearing the cloth....good for the Catholic church yet again getting their hands smacked by the supreme courts for doing that, no more protecting this cancerous scum for hurting our children!! and decieving people who follow them, lieing to them that they are rightious!!
  Child molestors are nothing more but filth that should be exterminated off this planet!! the damage, the pain, the hell they cause their victims....and how it affects their victim's lives as they go through life....they need to be exterminated like dirt!! sound harsh? too bad, they are disgusting people!! how the hell can they harm such a beautiful child? and we are to protect them at any cost from these pieces of garbage!

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what about kicking them down the court house steps naked immediately after they are convicted and then hanging them right there with a short rope so everyone can watch and see them kick and struggle for awhile and laugh at them!

So you like my idea? you would pull the rope and laugh?

maybe we should even make them wear a diaper and plastic panties when they get hanged your thought??

tell me your thoughts on the two things i said above

so what do you think about my ideas?

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Its a sad world We live in that these guys can walk out of prison alive.