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First of all, I've taken every side into question here. Now, if this is an inevitable attraction, if they are just born with an attraction to children that is still no excuse I feel. Like everything and all of us when we have impulses you have to be sensible enough to take consequences into consideration and contemplate "is this right?". Seems to me humanity has forgotten about the most basic lesson, RIGHT and WRONG. So, fine you like children well...just because you do does not mean you are allowed to act on it. It is simply not right to have sex with children, any sane individual can testify to that. Sometimes like all of us I want to kill people, and not exaggerating either but I don't do it. Why? I still have my heart and the part of me that which screams at me THAT IS WRONG. Even people I hate, even people who I feel deserve it. Perhaps this is another issue, perhaps this entire issue is much larger than even imagined. Because much like many ****** up things it is a vicious cycle. A large percentage of rapists and molesters were abused as well, same thing as domestic violence. That being said, something needs to be done. That's just the ******* bottom line, that is not acceptable. But I'm sorry but I feel that you are conscious, you make the choice to sexually abuse a child, you can only blame some type of disorder for so long before you must fess up and realize you are in control. I feel if you make the choice to molest a child,you're unworthy of life. End of story. First of all, **** molestation in the physical sense, yes that is terrible ...I'm not devaluing that. But that is just the half of it. The physical portion, but what it does to the person internally is appalling and devastating. That's the truly angering part of it for me. That is just a horrid thing.Why? I don't think this is being unfair. You have the choice all the time you're doing it, if you decide to molest a child. Sorry. bye. Rot in hell. You are not worthy of living or perhaps you deserve torture of the most agonizing variety...perhaps castration as well. There will never be  a day I ever excuse such atrocious actions. I am far from a  saint, completely on the other side of the spectrum but abuse is bullshit. Will not ever tolerate it.
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2 Responses Jan 16, 2013

Pedophiles aren't necessarily child molesters, and child molesters aren't necessarily pedophiles. Pedophiles are attracted to children...I know some of them seek help and have to avoid interactions with children all the time. Even if they can't help it, these pedophiles who don't harm children, I find it very hard to sympathize with their disorder. I just don't understand it.

I agree completely