This weekend was hard my neice was taken by ambulance to the hospital . Her son who is 8 years old said he heard her scream , the computer and file cabinet were on top of her and she was not responsive. My nephew ran for his 11 year old sister ... they threw cabinet and computer off their mom and called for help. The 11 year old said that her little brother(5) was inconsolable she pulled him to her like she saw her mom do to comfort him. My neice is ok and was diagnosed with epilepsy . When we went to the house to clean up it took two people to move that cabinet and it wasn't easy . I am so proud of these kids they kept their heads and did exactly what was needed

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They are , I love the little ones but teens are so much fun

Yea, but they are worth the trouble. lol

lol teens can be very trying at times

I love kids, but I don't always like them, like sometimes when they are teenagers. Lol

Mewold , I totally agree with you and adore kids.

As far as I am concerned, kids are the most pressious things on this earth.