We had a family get together this weekend , it is no secret i am a big kid and have more fun playing with kids than talking to adults .  I had been playing with the kids and layed on my stomach to watch a cartoon when all of the sudden Adam (who is 3) Spanks my butt ... my family started laughing !! "get in the corner for a time out " he says with his hands on his hips ... I didn't dare laugh lol.  Off to the corner i go he tells me i must stay there for 2 minutes ... Ok now my family is hysterical ( i am always the mischievious one) When he went out front to get his car (the kitchen) I snuck out of the corner .... he caught me and chased me back to the corner !!! When the asked him if it had been two minutes and if i could come out he said no ! I love little kids and this is the first time i have been punished for being good lol

redheadsrule redheadsrule
36-40, F
Mar 14, 2010