Not Fast So Much As Multiparented

By multiparented, I don't mean steps or adoptive or family turned large influence. I am talking about music Momma's and daddy's. I'm talking tv padres, gaming guardians, teacher 1yr tyrants or patsies, Dr. McCaregivers, Internet gurus made of FB and yes, even EP.
American law and society completely rob true parents of being the larger than life influences parents used to be. By robbing, I'm talking we be euniches cuz what law doesn't take, the work schedules, social demands and conflicting guidelines sneaky steals. Same with teachers, doctors, older family members and on. Even God. What power could God possibly have to bring children up into a life of strong conviction when He is given distinct guidelines describing when and where belief in Him is allowed to shine. Wondrous fair America! What law doesn't make punishable, makes impossible. My four year old twin boys absolutely loves me. I am forced to be stoic, forced to hand them over to the daddy that yells and screams at them, ignores them, gleefully watches Adult Swim with them. I would kill for them but every day I live knowing if I do, I forever give them to people that don't care as much as I do. Lovely society! I must show how much I love them not by doing whatever it takes to ensure their safety but by doing whatever it takes to ensure I follow rules that leave them in hands that hurt them so one day, when this messed up world decides, one day it will finally say 'ok, now you may keep them safe'. They have emotional blow outs, they fight, they show themselves possible candidates for medication and disorder diagnosis and it is not because of the abuse I claim, it is because they were born that way.
Children are growing up too fast because we are failing to give them that one source of ultimate influence. My dad was hardly there yet of all the influences in my life, HE was largest. My other siblings, they can't name the largest in theirs except perhaps a the lack of one being the largest and mayb that is why none of them were over 18 before having their first kids, actually graduating high school or having to survive addictions to be drug free. I didn't have a touched life myself, dad wasn't around enough to save me from all things, but at least he was big enough certain things that whispered didn't whisper loud enough.
Kids growing up too else would they grow up in a world of kelidescope choice and not one source of legally free ultimate influence? Crime, cults, dark underbelly worlds that suck and swallow minds, those have ultimate influence because they are some of the few that flaunts laws to be what they are.
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