Not Enough Guidance Or Direction

I think the kids of this generation lack so much structure, discipline, protection, guidance, and direction in this day-n-age. I hear about so many young girls and boys having unsafe sex, hanging with the wrong parents are around to talk, mentor, protect, or educate their children because of divorce, work, and more.

I believe it takes God/Jesus, good parents, and good role models to raise children properly...not television, IPhones, movies, music, and such...I think children do have hope for a better future, it takes all of us to help make it happen.

msteresa87 msteresa87
22-25, F
2 Responses Apr 20, 2012

I installed HelloSpy on my teenage son's phone and by reading his text messages and listening to his phone calls, I found out that he was mixing with the wrong crowd in school. The Geo Location feature led me to his exact location and I managed to save my son from possible abuse.

I am a mother raising twin 10 yr old girls alone. It is so hard. All the tv shows and songs on the radio. The movies. I keep them from friends that are a bad influence, and have rules about TV and electronics, but they still just want to only talk about boys and stuff they should just be having fun and playing.