Once When I Was Little

When I was about 6 or 5 I wanted to be a elf its weird I know I thought I was going mad and so did my family but i wasn't its just older people don't get younger people, people grow up and most of them loose there imagination and kids have great imaginations I wanted to be a elf because i wanted to meet Santa and I wanted to be magic and little/small for ever and not grow up.

I think its sad when people loose imagination but as I grown up and now I'm 14 I don't want to be a elf I don't believe in them anymore I still believe in stuff but now i want to be a actress.

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1 Response Feb 10, 2013

Yeah because from you job and other places your told to do things a a certain way. And told there are wrong and right ways to solve problems in the work force. And being silly and out of box, taking tasks on you own hands is sometimes not accepted. It is true we become corrupted as adults. We as adults need to suspend judgment and just let are mind go nuts. Yeah growing up suck, but we all have to get older, but I hope it doesn't make me dull. Did you know that most genius have creative minds, for they look at things from different perspectives and understand that there might be many solutions to one answer like math?