Too Fast

I admit that i grew up too fast.  When i was younger....maybe 14 or 15 (the worst years of a teen's life to me) I wanted so badly for someone to like me, to think i was pretty.  I wanted to be popular and feel like i belonged.  I realize now that every teenager wants that but when you're that age it seems so urgent and thats why i believe most kids grow up too fast.
I lost my virginity at an early age.  For me it was early at least.  16 was too early for me and I just wanted attention from the opposite sex.  I regret it now, among other things.  I continued that promiscuous lifestyle for a while.  Thank God I never got pregnant or contracted any diseases. 
Then there was the drugs and alcohol.  I was hanging around people much older than I was.  I was impressionable.  I just wanted to fit in.  I still continue to use drugs, pot and alcohol mainly, but not like I used to.  It used to be an everyday thing, or at least every other day. 
I'm not that old.  I'm only 23 but I know what it's like to grow up too fast.  If I had the choice I would go back and change some of the stupid mistakes I made.  I wouldn't be so gullible but I guess those mistakes are what make me who I am today.  A word of advice:  Just take it slow.  Keep your priorities in order.  Don't get caught up in the "glamorous" lifestyle of drugs, sex, drama, etc.  I wish I could go back and take it slow.
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I'd say kids in the more modern countries are growing up later and later all of the time. The forced labor isn't as bad as it was. School homework is getting more laxed. You just made some bad choices. They are there for everyone. If you talk to some, you are still a kid. Just try to enjoy it. It is your heart that tells you not your age.