Where Are the Children?

I was on the bus and heard two girls maybe no more than 14 talking about a friend of theirs who had tried anal sex.  Laughing about how they aren't that stupid. "***** or mouth are his choices" is what one said to another. WTF?

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It's sickening to hear KIDS talk like that...it's even bad when adults say stuff like that. We as people can't step back and say, "well okay whatever" to situations like that...they are very serious and dangerous. <br />
Whatever happened to sex education?? Parents talking to their kids, ESPECIALLY teen boys!! Teen mothers and their mothers are mainly paying the price..babies are a blessing, at the right time in a woman's life. Teen fathers are always getting away from responsibility scott-free.

FallaciesAppease and starsfade I totally agree! This is the whole reason I will never have kids.<br />
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I have to know something, when you're expecting a child or even thinking of having one, do you consider how screwed up society is and how much worse its going to get?<br />
Yes, you might be a good parent but these days its society that rules your childs life, not you. And I have come to realize that throwing your kid into treatment only makes them worse so you have no where to turn when they turn on you. And do you think about how over populated the world already is and how your kids are going to end up exactly the way society is going? Each generation is just going to get dumber and dumber. (I might be jumping the gun a bit, but from what I have seen things are getting worse and worse every year.)

While I do believe, mysteriousenigma, that kids need to be themselves, that that one thing is of the utmost importance, I also believe that some people fail to understand that some rules are to protect people. <br />
Paralytically drunk? You do realize that your brain isn't fully developed until your mid 20's, and that alcohol is not going to help it reach it's peak, right?<br />
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My best friend's brother is 15, and the things that kids are doing are terrifying to me. I hope to God my niece (now 2) at least doesn't do anything to harm herself as she grows.

It's very scary. Seriously. It's just the current generation. I am only 25, and I can see a HUGE difference between the kids ten years ago and the kids today. Just another reason to be pessimistic about the future.. :P

hey don't be too harsh on us... we need to learn from our own mistakes... don't impose strict rules on your kids and they won't feel the need to break the rules, I've been allowed to drink forever and my parents have never tried to stop me... and yet I've never been paralytically drunk because I don't see it as something rebellious (but I'm into heavy metal, so it's a compromise :p)

every person on earth needs structure, rules, guidance, and discipline, no exceptions!!...they are all positive signs that someone really cares for you. heavy drinking and things are all gonna lead to serious health problems.

I have a 2 yr old now and I think about all the kids these days and I am thinking What is it going to be like 14 yrs down the road. We are currently expecting and My husband wants a girl but not me... I think that I would be more terrified with a girl then two boys. Although i was quite the opposite of most girls in my grade the fact is the next generation has no discipline. It scares me!!!

Scary, isn't it? My hubby and I have four kids, two girls and two boys...I hope that we can do a good job so that they aren't the kids on the bus.