Kids Need to Stay Innocent

For their own safety kids need to stay innocent, i was walking with some friends and three little boys no older than ten ran by a slapped our *****! i wanted to chase them down and whoop their ***** like they stole something. They are lucky that i would not hit someone else's children but for their safety, i know next time someone else just might
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2 Responses Sep 4, 2006

I don't think trying to keep children "innocent" (another word for ignorant) is a good end in itself. These kids are a good example - they have a bit of knowledge, but not enough. They dont' know how inappropriate what they did is, or if they do, then they have a failure to respect proper boundaries. I think a far better approach is to give children a guided, and respectful introduction to what adult sexuality entails, and also, why it is not yet appropriate for them.

When you were young, did older people feel you might be overexposed or growing up too fast?