When Children Hurt Themselves

I was talking with my daughters and the subject of "cutting" came up.They told me so many of their friends females and males young and old are into cutting themselves.I asked why and they told me to feel the pain. What keeps anyone from seeing the scars? They cut places on their body that no  one will see and most don't cut deep enough to scar.I asked do or have either one of you done this they answered no it's dangerous and no way do I want to have scars for the rest of my life.Can they not talk with their parents or someone who cares.No they feel like no one will understand and some are embarrassed about it. My girls has or do talk with the ones who will talk about it and try to help them stop.I am proud they do this.Some don't seem to want to stop which tells me their reasons are harder to cope with and needs professional help.My youngest daughter said a nurse told a group of girls to use a rubber band pop it hard to get the same feel instead of a sharp object that could leave a scar. I did not know much about  this "cutting" until I asked a question on ep and the related topics.I was shocked at what all I read and it all seems to be related to some form of emotional stress or guilt. I am so grateful that my girls are not into this.Being parents we talk to our children about drugs,sex,alcohol and other things that are dangerous now this "cutting' needs to be to for I would fear that after awhile of cutting they would have to cut deeper to get the same affect and that can be very dangerous. Hopefully there is someone out there who can help the ones who are harming themselves. This really upsets me to know there are so many people doing this to themselves.You know what to do when you see someone hurt a child around you.But what can you do when you do not see the child hurting himself? We all are someones child either a child of God's or our parent's.A child to any one who loves and cares deeply for our well being.This bothers me deeply cause I feel helpless lost contact with one of my daughters friends who was like one of my daughters and she is doing this to herself.I do hope that someone will find out and help her or find someone to help her through this.It makes me sad to know that there are so many people doing this cutting thing and has no one who is there for them.

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When i was 13 I did cut my self.. I stopped cutting at around 17. When my parenst found out they laughed at me and thought i was stupid.. nice huh?<br />
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I really did it when i was just get so HURT and mad, that cutting just seemed to really help me.

Thank you for your honesty. It is sad that so many children are sad those days... And parents tend to panic too fast, they should show their love more, but they don't....

Glad you stopped cutting yourself. Parnets and friends should take it serious and try to help not laugh.

True............... Liz my best friend...<br />
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Once when Jesus walked through the land of Judea many people followed him. He spoke about God's Kingdom. Some adults invited children to come closer to him so that he would pray for them, but since there were very many people around Jesus' disciples did not let children come close to Jesus because they did not want to disturb him.<br />
When Jesus saw that children could not come to him he said,<br />
"Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these," and he put his hands on them and blessed them.<br />

Every one has their own reasons as to why they do the things they do.Thanks for the comment.

Thank you Gheata for your comment. You gave some good advice.<br />
Hopefully it will help someone.

Well... someone is helping them:you with your doughters. I think they are cutting themselfs because they haven't a porpouse in life or because they feal rejected by soiciety. Give them your strengh, fight for them, force them to stop,and prey to God for them. Bless them loud when they are near you, show them your mother love too;show them that they are loved and help thei parents understand the necesity of every children to be loved. God be with you!