The Title Speaks For Itself!

I just wonder what people really think when they have children, and decide to basically ruin their childhood. Whether it is physically, emotionally, or just abandon them. Why would you ever want to hurt something that is fragile, can't protect itself, and needs nurturing and guidence?
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2 Responses Aug 8, 2010

well too many are irresposible and don't think before they have sex then they are saddled with something they don't want and know even less about how to care for <br />
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but the vast majority of parents think they want kids until they have one until they have a kid with a personality they hate they put ZERO thought into what they will do with how they will interact with a kid who loves things the parent has no interest in, a kid who doesn't love school or who isn't meek and quiet or who is boy crazy or whatever the issue is <br />
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so many parents seem to forfit their brains upon being labeled mom or dad and can't atticipate problems or issues w/ even tolder age children thus backing themselves into corners and creating their own drama. we have parents that act more like totalitateian dictators than parents all in the name of dicipline w/ no realistic expecations when it comes to age who claim to love their kids but almost never play with them who have no structured activities at home and wonder why the kids are running around into things or are board stiff <br />
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we have so many parents who are bitchy and impatient taking out their frustrations on their kids but they wanted them and have 2-3 and the kids act up because they know the rules they know the score and they know when mom or dad is being unfair

To me people are so mean and cruel when they hurt children. I will never understand how anyone can do something hurtful to a child. I have seen and heard of some horrible things that I always asked how could they do that to a child or why would a person do that to a child.