My Boys Are Hard Workers.

My husband and I teach our boys how to do everything.

MY 9yo has his own recepi book he can make the best pancakes from scratch, he takes the trash out the night before the trash man comes, he helps his dad build things, does dishes and laundry. Yes my boys do their own laundry, wash dry (hang out during the summer) fold and put away. He also does a lot of the dishes

MY 6yo vaccume's dusts and cleans the bathroom when asked, he also helps with laundry and dishes

Both of the boys do yard work with us when we have limbs down they help with that. My husband is an avid wood worker and loves building things and they boys help with that. We have 3 huge gardens and they also take responsibility in them.

When it is time to can or freeze the produce they help where they can with that.

This isn't just teaching them how to be an adult it is teaching life lessons. I love that my oldest son is learning so much canning, it is a life experiance that my husbands grandmother taught him and that my parents and grandparents taught me, I really hope it stays in the family through many generations.

Not only helping in and out of the house my boys get excellent grades, my oldest has helped my youngest with several assignments and encourages him through his learning process. They both know when bedtime is and do not complain. The both understand that Friday and Saturday they get to stay up a little later but Sunday evening they should have their showers, school work done and bags packed for school on Monday.

I am very greatful for my two wonderful young men. They are more responsible and act more grown up than several adults that I do know. People that could be my parents my children put to shame.
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sounds like they will make it when all hell breaks lose<br />
<br />
but you know we did the same thing as kids my wife and me ahd chores we did them first then did what we wanted to do we cooked 3 nights a week for our mother she cooked weekends one night a week we ate out fri as a rule