Knights Of The Modern Day Era

Not only do I believe in Chivalry, but along with that I am also striving to become an ordained Knight within a specific fraternal ecclesiastical Order that has been established to fight against the "Dragons" of today's sociey amongst our community and to better ourselves and our family members by upholding the Code of Chivalry. It is a non-profit organization that has been recognized by the U.S, England, as well as appropriate ecclesiastical and legal authorities as an honorary Knighthood and as such, the title of "Sir" is bestowed upon those who pass the trials of being a Squire which requires a lot of investment in bettering our communities and improving ourselves as husbands, brothers, and fathers. It is about living a life of honor, virtue, and valor in order to help those in need, defending the weak, and challenging injustice in this world whether by fundraising charities for special-needs children or physically immobilizing a criminal that is threatening the livelihood of those around him. As a future Knight and a current American Soldier, I would not stand idely by while something wicked unravels before my eyes..never again. It will require several years of my service helping the community before I am Knighted but it's certainly worth it because I truly believe in the Code of Chivalry. I am also obligated to learn how to fight with a sword and shield as it is mandatory training for all ordained Knights even in this Modern Day era. I am not talking about wood, foam or plastic....the weapons we use to duel one another for training are just as real and heavy as the claymores and armor used in the Medieval Age except ours consist of stronger metals. It's certainly a good way to stay fit to fight in addition to my regular combatives training, even if I'm not decked out in armor and weilding a sword during a street fight. The U.S Army also still has a tradition of using a sword (the Saber) as the symbolic weapon for the Non-Commissioned Officer which we may carry with us while in Dress Uniform, although we are not trained to use it in battle as I shall be as a Squire before earning the honorary title as "Sir." Unfortunately, I can't give any more details on this Order because the full background, creeds, rules, and heritage of our brotherhood are for members only. This is not a secret organization, but the inner structure and the sacred Code that we must live by is protected from the public so as to preserve the sanctity and trust of this most traditional Knighthood.

Chivalry exists....and so do Knights.

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I too am a knight of the era of Mammon in which we currently <br />
reside! If a woman is offended by chivalrous acts she has serious problems. One of the main problems of this era of Mammon is self centered reliance, where chivalry is rooted in the. understanding that we as people are reliant on one another, and no man, or woman is an island unto themselves. I pray your noble aspirations go well. I have a blog about Chivalry, and its relation to Marian devotion, check it out you may like it, you may not. AVE!!!

I am very disappointed to hear that ApeyNic, may I ask which region you live?

Heh, thank you for saying such sweet things about me Sunset. That's so flattering, I don't know what to say. But I would like to announce that I am still far from being a righteous man and have many flaws to remove from myself like all people, I'm just working to identify and overcome them. I really don't want the corrupt nature of the world to swallow me up like it has to most of society. As Knights standing together and encouraging good values within eachother, we are a powerful and compelling force of Light which gives us the strength to excorcise our own vices and strike down the ways of Darkness within our cities, towns, schools, and neighborhoods. That is my ultimate goal. Similiar to the second-to-last sentence of the Soldier's Creed:<br />
<br />
"I am A Guardian Of Freedom And The American Way Of Life."