Difficult To Receive

Not all women are fond of chivalry, and I understand it completely.

One might feel offended or think she is treated like a weakling that can't even carry her own groceries.

I used to have hard time with men or boys who treat women as 'ladies', doing the traditional chivalry stuff ( take off his hat when woman enters in the room, open the door for her etc.) or just give a lot of compliments. I thought that they were being 'sneaky', preferring to charm with manipulation more than with so called straight forward, maybe more honest attitude.

After I discovered my attraction towards the same gender I suddenly found myself dropping of similar comments to girls I was attracted to. Nothing much, maybe a 'hey there, beautiful' or 'this day is as lovely as your are... almost.' and other tacky and overused compliments. Still, making a pretty girls blush and look flattered and happy, or when just pleasantly surprised... Ah, my favorite.

And that is what those comments and gestures are meant for (at least from me). Making them feel like treasured and pampered princesses they should feel. At its best, a bit of chivalry or mere politeness makes their day... or even raises their self esteem.

Maybe I understand men a bit better now? :P

Fearofsilence Fearofsilence
18-21, F
Jan 29, 2010