Chivalry Is Dead, It's Overrated

I think Chivalry is sexist. Haha. Coming from a girl.
I hate the rule "Don't hit a girl."
I think if your mad enough at someone that you would fight them, you shouldn't just give someone a free pass because of their gender.
Then again, you shouldn't really hit people at all, but if you're going to, an ******* is an *******, boy or girl.

Plus I like being the one opening the door for my guys sometimes. :)
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Yes it's 100% true! Evrything should be equal! And yes, you're absolutely right about not hitting other people in general and things like opening doors etc. Today it's time for stupid words like "chivalry" to be out of use. We need common courtesy regardless of gender! But courtesy is not one-sided and sexist, therefore common courtesy has nothing to do with chivalry. Chivalry must die, it's time for common courtesy! <br />
Btw, you sound exactly like my girlfriend! :)You're awesome! The world needs more girls like that!

Chivalry is sexist, its just another way for men to say that women cant get by without there help. Witness the mra whack job on here threatening to throw som skinny woman off a life boat and take her seat. Chivalry to him means holding off on what he could do if he were provoked. Thats bull **** and a stupid thug intimidation tactic. I cant post on his story any more because dispit offering me to "have a go" at him he blocked me. The cowardice is even kind of creepy imagine how manipulative and rat like someone like that actually is? They never had any noble ideas or inclanations to began with.

I understand, just don't ATTACK a man for holding a door, or being polite. If you held a door for me, it would make me feel appreciated as a man. Yes, some men do favors for women just to get laid or to reinforce some kind of weird superiority, but most just want to make her feel appreciated as a woman. It's a nice thing to do, you know. At work, where you will someday find yourself, being around men and women who mutually and enthusiastically support femininity and masculinity sure makes the day go by more pleasantly--and there is nothing sexist about it.