Ok i knowYou guys are gonna think im crazy when im done writting this!Im not a CHOCOLATE lover!I have never been a CHOCOLATE  lover!I dont like CHOCOLATE ,ice cream,cake or etc.I do eat CHOCOLATE  ,but its like once a year for me..I know this sounds crazy!But CHOCOLATE  to me is like eatting
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you are crazy. End of. But oh so lucky, I'm a chocoholic and it a going to ruin my figure, I just can't not eat chocolate if it's there ahaha

I know..i have tried..but it just taste like lard to me!My dad is the same

Oh honey! That's just wrong.

I know it sounds crazy!My dad is the same way!My dad only eats CHOCOLATE once a year i love hard candy..LOL

Girl, you need help!!! LOL...WHO DOESN'T LIKE CHOCOLATE???????? I think you are the only one on earth that doesn't like it! just<br />
<br />
LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OOO I AM DYING HERE....