Chris Morris is a genius, the fact no-one will join the group is a saddening feeling for me.

testament to his genius is his ream of programs and the people in them he launched, brass eye and the day today cut the world of satire and derangement newly close to the bone. Jam was the bizarrest sketch show i've ever seen, and one mocked at the time for it's sheer insanity, now it's just a pre-postmodern classic. Surreal cerebrality.

nathan barley, some might say, was a big step down for him. i would disagree, although the show hadn't the balls of the original comic thing. but whatever, it was still far better than a lot of the **** writers you get today. IT crowd was at its funniest when he was in it and was on screen.

hail to the morris.

if only he could come back and do a new show, but i wouldn't demand it. since i wouldnt want it to be ****.

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Completely agree with what you said. Loved all his shows, we need more people like Chris Morris to make interest and hilarious shows......"Keep it foolish"

I'm glad someone agrees with me!

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mans a legend =]