"i Think Christian Fantics Hurt All The Christians In General !!!"

I been dancing around along time, attempting not to burn bridges or offend anyone, why because we all got isssue's , problems and opinions and I feel at ease with that..

I can deal with the pantywears, poopers and just almost all other off the wall people, why because they're different and maybe strange to me , maybe a bit mysterious and cause me to smile, pause and ponder all the post and antics with the exception of one group the Christian Finatics...

The "I'll tell you what god means, intends and thinks and then how they will continue on how I'm a loser, less inform , less schooled , less enlightened if I don't agree sect"..

you post you better get that block button windex'd and clean cause your gonna be using it cause If I see  a post that contain the simple like God wants, It's his purpose or any other crap along those lines  I might call you out to explain a bit more ..

" I Think Christian Fantics Hurt The Christians In General"

I proudly state,  I attempt the best I usally can to: follow christian beliefs,

 I attempt to guide my life as the guide book say's and yes I call it a guide book, because that's what it is

anyone who wants to claim, like my friends, those crazy kids,( the door knockers), it was delivered by divinity, so it's absolute, aren't gonna sway me, because it comes down to a simple thought:

Each person should only interject their personnal view in post, what they believe reguarding Spirituallity to be true to themselves, but not  attempt to tell or give an opinion from any other prospective ,if they don't, then it just becomes conjecture...]

(I) really don't think conjecture is a realistic or pratical way to explain the intent or meaning , truely.... :)


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