Christianity Is Fake, Here Is Proof

This is my proof of the fraudulent, and manipulation of the bible, Don’t get me wrong.. I am not against God, Or Jesus. But, I do believe that these stories were manipulated for the purpose of control, which has succeeded greatly, First of all History back’s me up, for my evidence in my cause.. People will see what I write as an attack.. But I see my report as truth, Enlightenment to the lie’s spreaded around the world, I am not attacking you, I only wish to help, First of all, I am an eclectic wiccan, A form of paganism, Eclectic mean’s that I am open to learn as I will.. I do not follow one’s path.. I follow my own, in what I feel is truth. Pagan’s/Wiccan’s have been attacked and prosecuted by Christian’s/Catholic’s for many years. Yet, Little do they know, that their whole religion is a plagiarized version of the pagan religion itself, Many don’t see this.. The holiday’s, Like Christmas, Easter, Halloween, thanksgiving. They were pagan religion’s long before Christianity was in the thought’s of men.. Samhain, Is today’s Halloween, The pagan’s Yule holiday, is Christianity’s Christmas, Which both coincidentally is the same day.. As is Samhain.. Notice the word Yule used.. A very common pagan word, used for Christmas.. It is The Holiday is a celebration for Rebirth and Life.. The Holiday Imbolic, Is today’s groundhog day.. Still..
The Pagan Holiday Eostara is Christian’s easter.. The holiday is a celebration of rebirth.. Which is a coincidence considering it is considered the day that Jesus Rose again.. Our Religion Mabon.. Is Christian’s thanks’ giving.. Which is also a day for giving thanks’..

Now off to another point.. Christian symbol’s.. Christian Symbol’s you see today are also Pagan Symbol’s.. Like the Cross that Jesus died on.. The cross is considered to a pagan, as the Cross of the Zodiac, The circle around the center point of the cross represents the sun.. Which is where the idea, of the son of god. The Fish.. The fish that Jesus drew on the ground, Is also the same symbol used to represent Pagan astrology’s symbol of the ages.. Which in this case, is the age of Pisces, Which we are still in today.

Now, This is where the real proof come’s in. The story of Jesus, Believe it or not, The story of Jesus has been told Thousand’s of year’s before Christian’s Jesus was born, The list of how many people share the same story and same trait’s is seemingly endless.. Which make’s me believe, that there was a man somewhere that has done the same thing has him.. One example of many.. Horus was also born of the virgin Isis , He is the Only Begotten son of Osiris, His Foster father was Seb, Also meaning Jo-seph,
Him and Jesus are of Royal Descent, Both born in a cave, An Angel came to both, and Warned Isis of her virgin birth, 3 king’s came to Jesus following a star to the east, 3 solar deities, Followed a star to the east, to find Horus, Mother Isis was told at the birth of Horus "Come, thou goddess Isis, hide thyself with thy child.". As Joseph, Father of Jesus was told "Arise and take the young child and his mother and flee into Egypt.". Both were teacher’s at the age of 12, They were both Baptized at the age of 30, Horus Baptized by Anup, as Jesus baptized by John the Baptist, Both Anup, and John were Beheaded. Horus and Jesus both performed many miracles, such as Raising the dead, Water to wine, Walking on water, and many more.. Later He was Betrayed by A close friend and Disciple, To then be crucified and then cast into a tomb.. Both resurrected 3 day’s later, to then later descend into the heaven’s.. Keep in mind, This is only one story that is similar to the story of Jesus.. And also.. Much Much older.. There are so many, it would take entirely too long to go through it all, Although, if you wish to research yourself.. I will list a few name’s… Odin of the Norse, Mithra, Krishna, Gautama a.k.a.Buddha, Attis , Zoroaster, Dionysus, Quetzaloatl, Tammuz, Alestis, Esus, Bel, Bali, Orpheus, Iao and Wittoba.. Keep in mind. .There are many many more..

Now off to God, In the bible, There are mention’s of other God’s which Christianity say’s they are fake, But if you actually listen without a stubborn mind.. it speak’s of other’s.. as if they are real..

“Now I know that the Lord is greater than all other gods, for he did this to those who had treated Israel arrogantly.” Exodus 18:11

"You shall have no other gods before me."

Exodus 20:3

"Be careful to do everything I have said to you. Do not invoke the names of other gods; do not let them be heard on your lips."

Exodus 23:13

"What other nation is so great as to have their gods near them the way the Lord our God is near us whenever we pray to him?"

Deuteronomy 4:7

"Do not follow other gods, the gods of the peoples around you;"

Deuteronomy 6:14

"for they will turn your sons away from following me to serve other gods, and the Lord's anger will burn against you and will quickly destroy you."

Deuteronomy 7:4

"If you ever forget the Lord your God and follow other gods and worship and bow down to them, I testify against you today that you will surely be destroyed."

Deuteronomy 8:19

"Be careful, or you will be enticed to turn away and worship other gods and bow down to them."

Deuteronomy 11:16

"the curse if you disobey the commands of the Lord your God and turn from the way that I command you today by following other gods, which you have not known." Deuteronomy 11:28

Anyway.. You get the point.. This list can go on a long time..

Off to God and Zues.. The similarities, Both were very vengeful god’s Loving.. and Destructive and angry..
Both at one point were very angry, Angered at man for their sin’s , Gave up on man.. And chose a select few to build an Ark, Collect animal’s.. and then… Flooded the earth. As for a different story, but yet the same.. God Sent Noah to build his ark, and Gilgamesh sent Untapishtim, Both Flood’s were global, both were for the punishment of man’s sin’s, Both were Sent by God/God’s, both build a boat, and both complained, both had at least one window, both held animals, It rained heavily for both of them..
They both released bird’s to find land.

On to Corruption, Control.. And Lie's.. Used for control nation's.. Also used as conversion..
Do you remember Constantine of Rome? He was once a Pagan, Turned to a Christian..
He pulled a stunt very clever.. A tactic of Conversion.. Considering that Constantine had turned to Christian, He knew that most of his follower's were Pagan, To help his follower's and other's become christian, He made up christian holiday's on the same date's as Pagan Holiday's, Which would eventually turn everyone into a Christian. Also Back then.. A pope declared Pagan's as servant's to the devil.. Because of his Status and power, Claiming that God claimed so.. It would be easy for him kill and convert.. He killed Innocent people because of their religion, And still today, it Is still taught in church.. They claim everything about Us is evil.. We serve the devil.. And practice black magic.. Yet.. Many do not know a single thing of my religion, but that it is the devil.. The pentagram, Or Pentacle, Is a sacred symbol of a pagan, It stand's for many thing's.. Nothing to do with evil, not one bit.. The star is a representation of the element's, and also a portrayal of the human body.. The circle is a representation of the shape of the earth, and also a wall of protection around the human body.., It is a holy symbol used by pagan's as protection from evil.. Some ask.. Why does it look like the satanist pentagram? Well.. That is because they stole it from us Wiccan's.. They stole our symbol and stuck it upside down.. Their's represent's a bull with horn's..
We have nothing to do with them and their practice's.. Anyway's on with what I was saying,
The bible is a great weapon, A scare tactic to control, An example is Jonestown.. The man who used this scare tactic to lead so many into a trap.. Then eventually led to a mass suicide.. Thousand's of year's war's fought to claim that their God is the true God, Between Muslim, The Hare Krishna's, Christian's and Catholic's.. Still to this day.. this war is still going.. So much bloodshed, over who's book is right.. It's nonsense.. And after thousand's of year's nothing is changing.. Ever thought that nobody will give up? That you are fighting a war that cant be won? Maybe thought... Wow.. Think of all the live's... For nothing.. They use this tactic to get you to fight war's, for a cause they make up.. For example.. The Taliban, So many go on suicide missions in believe of great reward to do so.. And yet, What is this battle really for? To kill all Infidel's? Why Should I kill all Infidel's? Well.. Because god will give you lot's of women.. You see my point? The man who wrote this is now your master.. You are his slave, and you dont know it.. The book's of the bible.. There are so many book's of the bible, and yet so many did not make it.. They were burned by pope's, to Simply make Jesus and God look more pure... They were Edited, to gain control over Man.. Think about it.. What make's a book found by the pope.. and chosen by the pope, to be any more correct than any other book's found in Ancient time's.. So.. The pope say's they are fake.. and You dont take any consideration that maybe.. This is real? The book's back then were in consideration at one point.. For example... The Dead Sea Scroll's.. Older than the actual bible, These were carried by Men who were fleeing from people trying to kill them off.. These were the book's the Islam's considered the Bible back in those time's.. But Christian's today see them as blasphemy.. As a Lie... Ever wonder why they are so Defensive to this? Because it break's off their control.. Anyone who believe's these thing's are free from their hand's.. They dont like that..
Another Scare tactic I will address.. Hell.. That word is so powerful, Probably the most powerful word in the world.. It is easy to convert someone who is afraid of eternal burning and torture, But then the Bible Addresses free will.. But really how much free will is in, Burn in hell, Or Live in paradise in the heaven's.. Only a fool would choose hell.. So... if you want to go to heaven, Believe in god, Accept Jesus into your heart, Serve his wishes, Become like him, and you will go to heaven.. Not a bad deal, Not a bad deal at all.. Cant see much wrong with that. That is a statement most cant turn down. Then, That give's your pastor power.. Dont get me wrong, I am NOT saying that all Christian's are evil.. Majority of Christian's are the nicest people on earth, Also some of the meanest! I know many great Pastor's with a great and pure cause.. These people do great thing's for the world.. Then you Have the guy who know's what kind of control he can get.. Money, Church Offering's.. Offer your money to god, then you see your pastor with some fancy Jewelry, Some fancy clothe's, and He is telling you, this money is going to Africa, and show's a picture of a white man and some Happy African's... I am a Man that believe's believe's that the greatest of all evil, Will present itself holy and pure.. And That Evil will bring the greatest of people with it, and use their good heart for it's will..

I do not believe in the word perfect, Because it is impossible, no god, man, or being can be perfect..
A good example is God himself, and all of us.. Even the best of us.. He does thing's that are strangely... Human... Murder, Lie's Desciet.. But he also has his loving side.. As all of us do.. We are all capable of Evil.. and Good... We are not to be judged on our past, but what we are now.. and the future of ourselves to come.. Though, I know most will see what I write, and Claim me evil, They will acuse me of assault, Lie's, Desceit.. But know, This is some information I have kept to myself for so long, because I was afraid of what those would say of me.. Thing's that may happen.. But the truth is.. This may be a School assignment, But this is also for the world, I could keep this to myself and let those be blind and controlled, But that would be selfish, This is something I give as a Gift, To help free you, Not hurt you, Those who have read this with an open mind, can not deny what I am saying, But those with a closed mind, likely stopped reading this a while back, Or are thinking of way's to prove me wrong.. and By all means! Do So! I seek the truth! Again, this does not prove god, or Jesus fake, But show's that the bible is fake, Their Story is real, why else would their be so many different versions? Somewhere in all these story's and myth's has to have truth somewhere..
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I Think Christianity dosen't Has Serious Problems but you have.....
bro satan is guiding you be careful....

If you think Christianity has no problems, then you're blind.. And I pray that you find truth..

Oh..............I M blind and you're clear is it...!!!
whom do you pray to get me the TRUTH..............????????/

Who do I pray to?... Can't give you a name, but I imagine you would call this being God.. Christianity is corrupted.. Dude.. This God revealed to me many things man.. Don't rely on that Stupid book.. Just God..

Saying pagans worship satan is like saying atheists worship god. Know your facts before assuming hun


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old post.... but seriously.... the reason why every culture or group has symbols and holidays that tie in with astronomical events is easy.... imagine no grocery stores or mcdonalds. every culture has a spring "planting" festival.... midsummer festival.... a fall festival and a winter solstice celebration....the importance of these events tied in with the importance of growing crops..... to support the sheep in the empire... study nomadic hunting groups and that's where everything starts to get different ... religion is an extension of "the empire"..... also for understanding how war is always population control read how nomadic groups like the scythians first fought back by not fighting

I'm a Hellenist as you can see which means I believe in Zeus and them and I agree the bible is a load of bull **** but i respect all religions until mine is made fun of then I'll tear them a new *******! But this article is amazing.

Hello Hellenist :)

Totally agree with you. I'm Italian and it is mainly Greece and Rome that educated Europe. When the Greco-Roman culture was destroyed by Christians, Europe went back to the Iron age.

Best wishes for Greek people.

Add a response...

Response to what?

I am so with you on this. I was Christian all my life and I turned to Wicca at 49. The reason After countless times of the bible failing I knew it was wrong and fake. God is real and so is jesus but the bible is nearly pure fiction. Some of it is proven but very little of it.
On finding this and seeing this with my own eyes I turned to Wicca and have found Joy and Peace for me.
Blessed Be

Actually, I'm a Christian and I can agree with almost everything you've said. I know that there are some really good Christians out there, but I've seen several Christian leaders who didn't seem to be a true Christian.

One example was a preacher who told a story of his experience. In his experience, a person said f*** you to a performer. But instead of only saying the letter "f", he actually said "f***" in front of the church! What's worse is that he said it more than once! I think that he also pointed his middle finger, but I can't remember.

Another example are the Sunday School teachers. There was one time I was helping out in church and a person gave oranges as an offering. Instead of giving the oranges to the Sunday School students or giving them to kids on the street, they ate it for themselves. That was the first time I witnessed church people becoming corrupt.

I also think that my church isn't the best one. My family and I go to a large grand church with thousands of cushioned seats and an elevator. I'm not saying that it's necessarily a bad thing, but I don't think that it is a fantastic thing to do. My biblical studies teacher told me that the during Jesus' time, the most faithful churches were the ones that had the least. The biggest churches were only given criticism without any positive points.

----------IMPORTANT QUESTION----------

What if multiple religions are true?

In Revelation, the bible talks about how at the end of the world, the Eastern gods (meaning Roman or Greek Gods) are going to pass though a dried-up river. So I think that Christianity is acknowledging the existence of those Greek and Roman gods. That would make sense because according to my biblical studies teachers, Alexander the Great was used to set the stage for Jesus' birth and spread one language across his nation so that it will be easier to spread the gospel. But several teachers addressed that Alexander the great stopped before the Eastern countries, so that's pretty interesting.

My point is, are there more than one God in this world? Because according to Revelation, it acknowledges the existence of both the Christian God and Zeus. What about the gods of Asians and other ethnic groups?

Also, do you think that the Gods have a certain system that they have to follow? That might be why there are so many stories that sound so similar

----------IMPORTANT QUESTION----------

It could be that the multiple religions in the world actually are about the same God and only have a piece of the truth, not all of it.

Actually all you've succeeded in pointing out is that is that the fault lies, not with all Christianity or with the Bible, but with false Christianity. Its "false apostles [] transform themselves into apostles of Christ” deceiving, corrupting, defrauding, abusing and killing millions upon millions the world over. Their ability to successfully mislead so many should come as no surprise since “Satan himself” has had great success in misleading many for thousands of years, “transforming himself into an angel of light. It is therefore nothing great if his ministers also keep transforming themselves into ministers of righteousness. But their end shall be according to their works" - 2 Corinthians 11:13,14. Jesus Christ indicated that false Christianity produces bad works, just as a “rotten tree produces worthless fruit.” (Matthew 7:15-17) What fruit does false Christianity yield?

False Christianity . . .

MEDDLES IN WAR AND POLITICS: “Across Asia and beyond,” says the journal Asiaweek, “power-hungry leaders are cynically manipulating people’s religious sentiments for their own needs.” As a result, the journal warns: “The world threatens to sink into madness.” A prominent religious leader in the United States declared: “You’ve got to kill the terrorists before the killing stops.” His solution? “Blow them all away in the name of the Lord.” By contrast, the Bible says: “If anyone makes the statement: ‘I love God,’ and yet is hating his brother, he is a liar.” (1 John 4:20) Jesus even said: “Continue to love your enemies.” (Matthew 5:44) How many religions can you think of whose members engage in war?

SPREADS FALSE DOCTRINE: Most religions teach that the soul or spirit is some invisible part of a human that survives the death of the physical body. By means of this teaching, many of these religions exploit their members, charging money to pray for departed souls. However, the Bible teaches a different doctrine. “The soul that is sinning—it itself will die.” (Ezekiel 18:4) “The living are conscious that they will die; but as for the dead, they are conscious of nothing at all.” (Ecclesiastes 9:5) Jesus taught that the dead will be resurrected—an unnecessary action if humans had an immortal soul. (John 11:11-25) Does your religion teach that the soul does not die?

TOLERATES IMMORAL SEX: In Western lands, church groups ordain gay and lesbian members of the clergy and urge governments to recognize same-sex marriages. Even churches that condemn immorality have tolerated religious leaders who have sexually abused children. What, though, does the Bible teach? It plainly states: “Do not be misled. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men kept for unnatural purposes, nor men who lie with men . . . will inherit God’s kingdom.” (1 Corinthians 6:9, 10) Do you know of religions that condone immoral sex?

All of this “worthless fruit” is the reason so many millions have turned their backs on God and embraced Atheism and Witchcraft (Matthew 7:15-17) .

What does the future hold for religions that produce rotten fruit? Jesus warned: “Every tree not producing fine fruit gets cut down and thrown into the fire.” (Matthew 7:19) Yes, false Christianity will be chopped down and destroyed! But how and when will this happen? A prophetic vision recorded in the Bible book of Revelation, chapters 17 and 18, provides the answer.

Picture the scene. A harlot is sitting on the back of a fearsome beast. The beast has seven heads and ten horns. (Revelation 17:1-4) Whom does the harlot represent? She exerts influence “over the kings of the earth.” She dresses in purple, uses incense, and is exceedingly wealthy. In addition, by means of her spiritistic practice, ‘all the nations are misled.’ (Revelation 17:18; 18:12, 13, 23) The Bible helps us to see that this harlot is a worldwide religious entity. She depicts, not any one religion, but all religions that produce rotten fruit.

The beast that the harlot rides pictures the world’s political powers. (Revelation 17:10-13) False religion straddles the back of this political beast, attempting to influence its decisions and to control its direction.

Soon, though, an amazing event will take place. “The ten horns that you saw, and the wild beast, these will hate the harlot and will make her devastated and naked, and will eat up her fleshy parts and will completely burn her with fire.” (Revelation 17:16) In a sudden, shocking move, the world’s political powers will turn on false religion and completely destroy her! What will prompt this action? The Bible book of Revelation answers: “God put it into their hearts to carry out his thought.” (Revelation 17:17) Yes, God will call false Christianity to account for all the despicable acts she has committed in his name. In a stroke of perfect justice, he will use her political paramours as his instrument of execution.

What must you do if you do not want to share the fate of false religion? “Get out of her, my people,” urges God’s messenger. (Revelation 18:4) Indeed, now is the time to flee from false Christianity! But to where can you flee? Not into atheism, since its future is also bleak. (2 Thessalonians 1:6-9) The only haven is within true Christianity. How can you identify true Christianity?

What good fruit should true Christianity produce?—Matthew 7:17.

True Christianity . . .

PRACTICES LOVE: Of the very first Christians many were forced to acknowledge, "See, said they, how they love one another, and are ready to lay down their lives for each other." (Tertulian, Apology c. 39) History shows that the same can be said of Jehovah's Witnesses.

True worshippers are “no part of the world,” are not divided by race or culture, and display ‘love among themselves.’ (John 13:35; 17:16; Acts 10:34, 35) Rather than killing one another, they are willing to die for one another.—1 John 3:16.

Instead of being "intolerant and divisive," true Christianity, based on the Bible, is "broadly inclusive." The apostle Peter said: "God is not partial, but in every nation the man that fears him and works righteousness is acceptable to him."—Acts 10:34, 35. With over 7.6 MILLION+ faithful in 236 lands we are a worldwide brotherhood united in worship of Jesus' God, Jehovah. http ://

TRUSTS GOD’S WORD: Instead of teaching “tradition” and “commands of men as doctrines,” true Christianity bases its doctrine on God’s Word, the Bible. (Matthew 15:6-9) Why? Because “all Scripture is inspired of God and beneficial for teaching, for reproving, for setting things straight.”—2 Timothy 3:16.

STRENGTHENS FAMILIES AND UPHOLDS HIGH MORAL STANDARDS: True Christianity trains husbands to ‘love their wives as their own bodies,’ helps wives to develop ‘deep respect for their husbands,’ and teaches children to ‘be obedient to their parents.’ (Ephesians 5:28, 33; 6:1) In addition, those entrusted with positions of authority must have exemplary morals.—1 Timothy 3:1-10.

You're singing to the choir. The folks that really need to hear this never will. They are either too ignorant to grasp the significance of what you are saying, or too pig-headed to even want to listen to any viewpoint that might contradict their faith. I think it's most ironic that those that believe themselves to be "saved" via their religion are perhaps the most "lost," at least in their understanding of how that religion came to be, and why it may not be what it purports to be. I especially hate it when one of these ignoramuses presumes to be my superior, and so tries to be my spiritual savior by turning me on to Jesus. It doesnt' take much enquiry on my part before I realize I'm dealing with an idiot. I'm never surprised and get anything different: They are always idiots.

There are some very good people that are Christians. They feel Christ in their heart rather than in their head. It is very difficult for true Christians because they have to work against a negative stereotype and the mis-direction of the Church via destructive doctrine. But basic goodness and love still exists within the Church actually despite of but not because of it's leadership. It is the Good people within that give it it's power and direction not it's leadership. Those of you not Christian need to remember what happens when a belief becomes the majority along with the power that accompanys this. Our system of government by the people is derived from the idea that there should be no intermediarys between man and God. That each man is the arbitrator of truth. This is what has been betrayed by the Church in America. The principles of the Reformation have been reversed. But ask If the belief system that you follow were in power would you be any better. This is something minoritys never ask themselves. I have been around a lot of Pagans, Wicca's and New Ager's and their is a of hatred of Christians within those believers. They didn't even recognize it as such until I brought it to their attention. The oppressed can quickly become the oppressors. This is not dictated by any faith but by the heart of the believers. The faith always seems to takes wrong turn when it's believers abdicate their responsibility and authority to the few who driven by a love for power seem to always strive for and acquire leadership.

First, you are a Wiccan, and you don't understand why Jesus is going to send you to hell!!!<br />
<br />
No, I'm kidding. I just wanted to see the look on your face. :)<br />
<br />
What you have here makes a great deal of sense. But don't expect any Christians to understand and accept it. I have a couple of fundamentalists in my life, and let me say, they drive me nuts. You simply can't talk to these people; I mean, they just don't get it. I think it comes down to one common denominator: Ignorance. They aren't like most wiccans who tend to be eclectic minded with at least a working knowledge of history and religion. Let's face it, people are different; they have different hobbies, and interests, or perhaps they have none at all. I can't paint, cook, or sing, but I know a little ancient history and religion, and also strive to be a critical, rational thinker. Others may paint, sing, and cook, but wallow in Christian ignorance. It's just the way it is, I guess. No matter how much you and I may want to shine some light on the subject for those "lost" Christians, they simply will not listen. I think the only option for rational thinkers is, press, press, press, and as time goes by, hopefully, superstition and ignorance will be reduced to a manageable level.

It needs to come from within the faith itself. This requires courage. Most new Christians are browbeaten and indoctrinated by " Mature Christians" who reinforce the established perspective. There is also a spiritual blindness that takes hold within the Church itself. It is what keeps them from seeing the elephant in the room. This is in the section on problems with Christianity so that is the proper focus. But other beliefs shouldn't get too arrogant because they are also susceptible to the same spiritual blindness. Both Christians, Pagens, New Ager's, etc. Need to fix themselves first. It seems they are fixed on the issues and problems of the other beliefs so they are blind to their own.

Concerning sin and its effect, the Bible teaches: "Through one man sin entered into the world and death through sin, and thus death spread to all men because they had all sinned." (Romans 5:12) The sc<x>riptures also state: "The wages sin pays is death." (Romans 6:23) Since the punishment for sin is death, the fundamental question in determining the true nature of hell is: What happens to us when we die? <br />
<br />
Does life of some kind, in some form, continue after death? What is hell, and what kind of people go there? Is there any hope for those in hell? The Bible gives truthful and satisfying answers to these questions. <br />
<br />
Does something inside us, like a soul or a spirit, survive the death of the body? Consider how the first man, Adam, came to have life. The Bible states: "Jehovah God proceeded to form the man out of dust from the ground and to blow into his nostrils the breath of life." (Genesis 2:7) Though breathing sustained his life, putting "the breath of life" into his nostrils involved much more than simply blowing air into his lungs. It meant that God put into Adam's lifeless body the spark of life—"the force of life," which is active in all earthly creatures. (Genesis 6:17; 7:22) The Bible refers to this animating force as "spirit." (James 2:26) That spirit can be compared to the electric current that activates a machine or an appliance and enables it to perform its function. Just as the current never takes on the features of the equipment it activates, the life-force does not take on any of the characteristics of the creatures it animates. It has no personality and no thinking ability. <br />
<br />
What happens to the spirit when a person dies? Psalm 146:4 says: "His spirit goes out, he goes back to his ground; in that day his thoughts do perish." When a person dies, his impersonal spirit does not go on existing in another realm as a spirit creature. It "returns to the true God who gave it." (Ecclesiastes 12:7) This means that any hope of future life for that person now rests entirely with God. <br />
<br />
The ancient Greek philosophers Socrates and Plato held that a soul inside a person survives death and never dies. What does the Bible teach about the soul? Adam "came to be a living soul," says Genesis 2:7. He did not receive a soul; he was a soul—a whole person. The sc<x>riptures speak of a soul's doing work, craving food, being kidnapped, experiencing sleeplessness, and so forth. (Leviticus 23:30; Deuteronomy 12:20; 24:7; Psalm 119:28) Yes, man himself is a soul. When a person dies, that soul dies.—Ezekiel 18:4. <br />
<br />
What, then, is the condition of the dead? When pronouncing sentence upon Adam, Jehovah stated: "Dust you are and to dust you will return." (Genesis 3:19) Where was Adam before God formed him from the dust of the ground and gave him life? Why, he simply did not exist! When he died, Adam returned to that state of complete absence of life. <br />
<br />
The condition of the dead is made clear at Ecclesiastes 9:5, 10, where we read: “The dead know nothing … Whatsoever thy hand is able to do, do it earnestly: for neither work, nor reason, nor wisdom, nor knowledge shall be in HELL, whither thou art hastening.” (RHE, WYC) sc<x>ripturally then, death is a state of nonexistence. The dead have no awareness, no feelings, no thoughts. <br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
Since the dead have no conscious existence, hell cannot be a fiery place of torment where the wicked suffer after death. What, then, is hell? Examining what happened to Jesus after he died helps to answer that question. The Bible writer Luke recounts: "Neither was [Jesus] forsaken in Hades [hell, King James Version] nor did his flesh see corruption."* (Acts 2:31) Where was the hell to which even Jesus went? The apostle Paul wrote: "I handed on to you . . . that Christ died for our sins according to the sc<x>riptures; and that he was buried, yes, that he has been raised up the third day according to the sc<x>riptures." (1 Corinthians 15:3, 4) So Jesus was in hell, the grave, but he was not abandoned there, for he was raised up, or resurrected. <br />
<br />
Consider also the case of the righteous man Job, who suffered much. Wishing to escape his plight, he pleaded: "Who will grant me this, that thou mayest protect me in hell [Sheol], and hide me till thy wrath pass?" (Job 14:13, Douay Version) How unreasonable to think that Job desired to go to a fiery-hot place for protection! To Job, "hell" was simply the grave, where his suffering would end. The Bible hell, then, is the common grave of mankind where good people as well as bad ones go. <br />
<br />
Could it be that the fire of hell is symbolic of all-consuming, or thorough, destruction? Separating fire from Hades, or hell, the sc<x>riptures say: "Death and Hades were hurled into the lake of fire." "The lake" mentioned here is symbolic, since death and hell (Hades) that are thrown into it cannot literally be burned. "This [lake of fire] means the second death"—death from which there is no hope of coming back to life.—Revelation 20:14. <br />
<br />
The lake of fire has a meaning similar to that of "the fiery Gehenna [hell fire, King James Version]" that Jesus spoke of. (Matthew 5:22; Mark 9:47, 48) Gehenna occurs 12 times in the Christian Greek sc<x>riptures, and it refers to the valley of Hinnom, outside the walls of Jerusalem. When Jesus was on earth, this valley was used as a garbage dump, "where the dead bodies of criminals, and the carcasses of animals, and every other kind of filth was cast." (Smith's Dictionary of the Bible) The fires were kept burning by adding sulfur to burn up the refuse. Jesus used that valley as a proper symbol of everlasting destruction. <br />
<br />
As does Gehenna, the lake of fire symbolizes eternal destruction. Death and Hades are "hurled into" it in that they will be done away with when mankind is freed from sin and the condemnation of death. Willful, unrepentant sinners will also have their "portion" in that lake. (Revelation 21:8) They too will be annihilated forever. On the other hand, those in God's memory who are in hell—the common grave of mankind—have a marvelous future. <br />
<br />
Revelation 20:13 states: "The sea gave up those dead in it, and death and Hades gave up those dead in them." Yes, the Bible hell will be emptied. As Jesus promised, "the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear [Jesus'] voice and come out." (John 5:28, 29) Although no longer presently existing in any form, millions of dead ones who are in Jehovah God's memory will be resurrected, or brought back to life, in a restored earthly paradise.—Luke 23:43; Acts 24:15. <br />
<br />
In the new world of God's making, resurrected humans who comply with his righteous laws will never need to die again. (Isaiah 25:8) Jehovah "will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore." In fact, "the former things [will] have passed away." (Revelation 21:4) What a blessing is in store for those in hell—"the memorial tombs"! This blessing indeed is reason enough for us to take in more knowledge of Jehovah God and his Son, Jesus Christ.—John 17:3.<br />
<br />
<br />

Fire is a symbol of purification. Existance in matter and the effects of our sun ( the solar system ) and life on this planet are just that a purification process. It is symbolized by the gift of fire from Promethious to man. It was not a gift of heat but of salvation. And as Promethious was chained on a rock ( the earth or Matter) so was Jesus crucified on a cross ( symbol of matter ). Oh Promethious is not Jesus but a fore runner. He free's Promethious.

Interesting. Where does the Bible teach this? :)

The bible is a book of crap and lies

Christmas is a pagan holiday but that doesn't explain why Christians celebrate December 25th. Dec.25 to the roman govnt at the time was a pagan run government, and as you can guess anyone not celebrating the holiday was held and executed for treason. Also Christians celebrated Jesus's birth sometime near easter making them easy targets for the government to pick off. The problem here is you can't preach about Jesus and God when all of your people are being lined up to be hanged,and beheaded. So the solution was to move the day of Jesus's birth to match that of the pagans holiday.<br />
Those quotes you used dont speak as if other religions were "real". the same problems with religion today had existed since long ago and still continue to haunt the future.<br />
And to ba<x>se Christiany off of the wrong doings of one man, who probably just said nominally that he was christian, is just plain wrong. Paganism in broad refers any religion outside Christianity. To make my point pagans(muslims) in Egypt burnt 50 Christian alive for their beliefs. Well then i guess all pagans are mass murdering sadistic psycho freaks. Catch my drift? Just because one man made wrongs doesn't mean the entire establishment is to be blamed.<br />
I respect you for not meaning any real harm but understand there are some Christians who will take things at face value and feel they know everything. <br />
well this is just my part i wanted to say soooooooooo have a good day!

Dec 25 approximates the time of the winter solstic. It is the time when the days stop gettin shorter and start to get longer. longer. It symbolizes the victory of Light over darkness and Rebirth over Death The symbolism especially the celestial ones belong to everyone that recognizes them. Much like Gods truth. To try to claim them to the exclusion of others is arrogant and petty. We are not talking about copyright laws here. It is the perfect time that coincides with Jesus mession. These older so called versions of Jesus were prophesys. For the Christians to not acknowledge that as being so is a carry over from the exclusionary additude of the Israelites. That is that they were Gods chosen people and everyone else was excluded. So no one but their own prophets could communicate with God.

not to be rude but what's your point?
it's very interesting but i'm just confused when you suddenly said that "no one but their own prophets could communicate with God"

When I did the research on this, I found it amusing that the early Christians explained the whole "Stolen religion" thing by saying it was information planted into people's minds ahead of time by Satan to trick or deceive them. Easy explanation for people who are afraid to admit that their religion was plagiarized.<br />
<br />
And the sc<x>riptures about the different gods, I thought those were supposed to mean the other gods invented by other people, that are false, but it doesn't really say outright they are false. It just says, "Worship only me or be destroyed!" That sounds like the phrase of a loving and merciful god doesn't it? Yeah, it sure does...

I dont believe they are all false, I just believe the modern day version of what we see in the bible today is Just diluted.. The books were chosen by a Pagan, I wouldn't expect any less

That is the real purpose of the Old Testament. It shows us the lie. That is the lie everyone believs in their hearts. That is why we are here in a linear existance because it reflects the condition of our spirits. The Israelites could not tell the difference between God and the god of this world ( the devil ) They were not really montheistic but just believed their god was the strongest one. This was one reason that Jesus incarnated. To reviel the real God to those enamored and stuck in the Law. Laws can be applied for both good and evil. That is the truth that we are supposed to reconize - the improper use of the Law. Law needs to be directed towards Grace or it is improper.That means learn your lesson and you get out. A law that promotes guilt keeps you trapped much like the company store kept minors in debt so they could never leave the company. The idea that the Law of Moses is the Law is silly. Those are laws of men and only used as metaphores. The real Law relates to the Laws of Matter and the finite. God did not create this world or Matter. God mitigated it so it might serve the purpose of salvation. In the story of Joseph Egypt is the metaphore. Real Christianity is much deeper than the superficial religion being taught by people who apply their own issues and limitations to defining God.

For those that believe only what is written in their "idol of god. the whole Bible". Paul writes in either Timothy 2-8. The Law is good When Used Lawfully (Properly). See there is a condition. It is about intent. Read gospel of John 5. 31to end. There Jesus discusses proper authority and how to recognize it. This is never taught from the pulpet because it speaks of proper and improper authority and how it is up to each individual to recognize it for themselves. It hinges on recognizing intent. Intent is the spirit in which something is done. TEST THE SPIRIT. Each person must be their own abitrator of Truth or God. That is what is meant by having a personal relationship with God. Jesus is a direction, image and focus for that. Not most of the corrupt or dysfunctional characters mentioned in the Old Testament and used as good examples in church.

i agree nearly completely with what you say. there is a lack of intelligence in this world. the one thing i dont believe in is psychics. i believe anyone with a right mind can predict just about anything. i would call myself a atheist/agnostic. i do not believe in earthly religion. but i also do not claim to have every answer. i do not know if there is a "god" or creator. i think things just happen. buddhism is a great way of life and i do not consider a religion. the idea of the bible and its god is that of a child. the one thing i find hilarious is the christians obviously cant read considering they are just throwing the same **** at you without confirming what you said. you and i share a lot of the same views. my favorite thing anyone of any religion or belief would say is, wat is the meaning of life then?...i laugh and say there is no meaning. i dont say its all coinsidence cuz i dont know. but i believe there is no meaning of life. some questions shouldnt be asked because sometimes there is no definate answer. i know a few wiccan but they are the not the logical kind. i also find it funny how people dont know about all the other religions before christianity and how the christian religion is just a copy. i have a lot to say and some to add to wat you have said to these closed minded people but that would take hours and i dont care to waste that much of my life to hear the same things said to you said to me. i hear it everyday all ready. a quick question though. wat are you views on death?

I believe in reincarnation. Whether it is real or not? Makes no difference to me. Because I either just die, and go into nothing.. or live another life.. makes no loss to me, and I dont really bother wasting my time in finding out.. I am different than most wiccan's.. I think like an atheist, it is the smartest mindset we can acquire..

You would be better labeled an agnostic. There is a difference. Agnostics ask questions. Atheists say there is not God. Agnostics question. Atheists hid under the label of Agnostic in order to avoid accountability. They say you can't prove there is not God. An agnostic claims not to know so for them their is no burdon of proof. An atheist who says there isn't is under the same burdon of proof as the believer. I consider myself a Christian. I believe that the process of reincarnation exists although it has been distorted and is goal displaced at present. It is what is spoken of as Karma and the Law. There is a proper relationship between Karma and Grace whichis what has been goal displaced. This lack of understanding in this respect puts some New Ager's and Most Christians on the same page. Our existance in the material plane is not about learning but unlearning what is false. Jesus said that the Holy spirit would bring us to rememberance. It's not about learning it's about remembering. Remembering who we are. You can not see the Truth until you recognize the lie that distorts it. That is the purpose of Matter. It reviels what is not. The scientific process of elimination. You said Christianity is a fraud. No! However the religion as it is being taught is fraudulent.

"Bible teaches love to human kind and not hatred to anyone. "<br />
<br />
Suffer not a witch to live, anyone?<br />
<br />
BTW to the OP, it has been set forth and argued (though not conclusively), that we either are recently or will soon be into the age of Aquarius.

There are hundreds of quotes of death..

keep it goin dude. my thoughs will never change. wiccan or not we share a lot of views and facts.

When Jesus's followers ask him where the Last Supper will be held. He answered" Go into the city where you will meet a man bearing a pitcher of water ( men did not carry water it was womens work) follow him and he will lead you to an upper chamber where all has been made ready." Oh by the way the entrance is not really through Pisces but through Capricorn via the larger 26 thousand year cycle. The reverse progression of the equinox. which is why the planets Satarn and Unranus play the major roles.

Well believe it or not.. Religion and Politics go Hand and hand.. and together, they are even more dangerous..

I doubt that religion is as dangerous as politics. Actually far from it, in modern times.<br />
Religion only serves as a bit of pro war propaganda, for some people.

Religion is the foundation for our belief of what is right and wrong. Those beliefs form the foundations of the government we create. This is why the Protestant Reformation was the impetus for the political upheaval that followed in Europe. It brought the concept of rule by devine right into question.

The whole Horus explanation of Jesus in that zeitgeist movie made some pretty big claims. Same with if you've seen The Arrivals where it claims that George Bush is a descendant of Aleister Crowley.<br />
I wouldn't take it as fact simply because it's something new and counter-religion, counter-culture, etc.<br />
If you know people, then you know some are honest, some manipulate truth to serve their own agenda, and others downright lie. And yes, i include the old testament, written by men, which is where you get the desc<x>ription of a vengeful God, do not defy authority, and so on.

Okay, Well I can say.. I have been homeless... A fighter.. A Druggy.. I have been raped as a little boy... I have been depressed.. ect... The common story... I have had many horrible things happen to me.. But these things happen no matter what.. Christian or not.. But you want to know what made me stronger? Loving and supporting friends and family.. and My own will to live.. And Honestly.. I believe you when you say you talked to a spirit.. Cause I do too.. You say the holy spirit.. I mean.. really spirits are everywhere.. it could be anything... Not only do I hear spirits.. I see them.. Its a curse.. Some evil.. Some good.. some lost and confused that need directions.. some are playful.. and some are deceitful.. Ive met spirits that will pretend to be things they aren't.. Spirits like to pretend they are God's as well.. because they find it funny to toy with Humans.. as they toy with me too..

I think that questions like these is fine I think that everyone is entitled to their opinion. I am a christian but I do not let the bible control me. I went from a thieve, a fighter, being locked up, trying to take my own life, raped, abused physically, mentally,verbally and been homeless and much more. I had gotten baptist when I was young. At the time I didn't know why I got up and did it. We didn't go to church really. Once and awhile. Know one taught me or anything. Then I went crazy. I did know that God was real. Then in my 30's God said once you watch the passion of the Christ this is when I am going to get you. I put it off for the longest. Then one day I watched and I cried for the longest and got on my knees and apologized for everything. The bible is also helpful for when we get depressed, or not encouraged and so much more. As for as the isreal. If I spelled that right my fault if I did not. That was and is Gods chosen people. See sometimes people have to go through things or see things in order to believe. Now God used Moses. To lead the people out of slavery. But before that remember because of disobedience and befor that God already told some of the others what was going to happen. Isreal was very disobedient. So that was punishment. Now when Jesus came we we not under the law anymore. He took that away. I am kind of jumping around because I am at work and plus not to make this long and boring. Just like the flood. I know I am not trying to debate nor proof a point nor try to change anyones mind. That is why I started out saying that everyone has questions about this. I can tell you that I have heard his voice one time. The Holy Spirit it real. Not a cult. I know who to listen to and who not to. So when anyone does comment on what I said. It is fine to disagree and give your opinions because I did come onto this screen. The only reason why I did was because I saw it on my profile and I like to be apart of a conversation. But I am adult enough to respect everyones opinion. Just as long as your not being rude. Some may be. But I think that in this forum that being mature to disagree and handle it in a mature adult manner goes a long way. I know that some are very passionate about somethings. That's fine with me.

-sigh- I just got done explaining prophecy to someone else... <br />
For one.. Prophecy does not prove the bible right... Another thing is What? and where are these prophecies? and... Nostradamus has predicted a whole bunch of these same prophecies and they have came true.. as have the mayans... as have the native americans.. as have Ancient Pagan Prophecies From the Egyptians.. and the Greeks.. Thousands of years before the bible.. What im saying is.. there can be a prophecies from just about any religion.. it doesnt make the religion true.. it just means the person who predicted them was accurate.. Now... How about some real proof? Out of all the things I have said.. the only thing anyone has said was prophecies.. And I hear it much too often.. and Im tired of explaining.. Someone... PLEASE!! Bring a descent argument to the table!

Wow... your not even listening... even if the bible WAS truth... which... it isnt... I wouldnt worship such a cruel and evil God.. I have standards.. I will Gladly Burn in hell.. why dont you try reading what I say?

Ahahahaha.... Right... I'm sorry but the bible teaches hate... Ill prove it to you now..<br />
Leviticus 21:16 to 21:23 - Read it... It is saying basically if you are deformed.. retarded.. God wants nothing to do with you.. And Yes.. the bible is a complete Copy.. I shouldn't even have to say this again.. you should just read my story.. it explains it all... The story of Jesus has been repeated hundreds and hundreds of time throughout history.. before the bible even existed.. Your Jesus is Horus the Sun God of Egypt and many many others.. Your Noah's ark is a Copy of the Story of Untapishtim... dont believe me? look it up... All your Holidays are belong to us! haha.. All of your holidays are Pagan Holidays.. Your Christian Cross is a Pagan symbol of the Zodiac.. as your fish is too.. Your rituals and Prayers were carried from Pagans as well.. You Christians say Amen.. Well.. You guys basically took the Pagans "Nema" and turned it backwards.. Thousands of years later at that.. Its time for a wake up call.. Those Dances you see people doing at churches... You know.. the one where they are waving these flags around dancing all mystical like? That is a pagan Energy Dance... Christians often use them to perform miracles... Like us Pagans Do..

Those symbols predate Paganism and Wicca. And just because sometning is older doesn't make it more correct. It all comes from the same source. You still have a lot to learn. Wicca doesn't have clean hands either. I am not talking about any history you are even aware of, but long before that. There is much that is hidden because people would rather not remember.

As for false Prophets.. are you saying All that arent God's prophets false? Cause if so.. There are countless prophets who have foretold the same things the bible has... and As for many many more.. Nostradamus has predicted much much more than your bible.. If you had read everything I posted.. you would know that I said that the bible is a plagiarism of the Pagans.. Which you guys call "witchcraft" Prophecies have been copied as well.. The bible is Fake.. It is a mis told pagan story.. so please.. People... quit bringing up prophecies.. It doesnt mount as good evidence.. at all...

My A.D.D. Only let me read a quarter of it.. Ill read the rest tomorrow... I am much too tired

One thing about the above I do not agree with is that this earth age you can die and your soul can come back more than once cuz God showed me in 2007 through changing the channels on the television me in my past lives this earth age. But God totally wiped out my memory of those lives. At the time I did not even understand what He was trying to tell me by doing that. Along with him telling me though that He could start the whole planet over again with just me He also said I go all the way back to Eve, and that I am related directly to Mary and Jesus. And that my DNA proves who I am. He told me I was his baby daughter. I am spoiled by God he actually sat me on his lap. Was the most wonderful feeling in the world. Lots are jealous of me, will try to trick and decieve me and try to gain power that I have. God warned me of this and so weird most of the ones doing the most wrong are my own adopted family on Earth and even my own children. Do I not love them because of this? No I still love my children with my heart. God understands this because he loves his children also with his heart even the bad ones. God is very loving I can not even describe the love. God just wants peeps to when they realize they mess up be truely sorry and grow from that experience not keep doing it over and over or only repent to get something in return. It don't work like that. For every action there is a reaction be it good or bad. I know all things work for the good for those that love him. Love that is unconditional just for who He is not requireing anything in return. God knows the thoughts and intent of the heart.

when I got to the mental hospital and I sware to God which I do not do very often. They tried to gas me to death and couldn't before I finally came too. When I did I had bruises all up and down my legs and severe bruising where the cuffs and shackles were on my legs. I rode all the way over 100 miles in a police car with the cuffs and shackles just like they placed them on me very tight and my arms all jacked up.

At the end of that hospital stay I was given a bus ticket back to where I was living at the time I was taken. What I am saying is the truth you can believe that. The arrest and hospitalizations can't be forged. mental hospital stays, jail times, arrest etc.......? Victim letter of my father found guilty of penetration to me? Adoption paper? Jails and hospital stays are videoed. This **** is for realssssss

And the King James Bible does have some mistranslations in it you need a strong concordance to translate the Hebrew into the english. Like for example<br />
Genesis 1:2 The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.... <br />
<br />
was - the english translation of the hebrew word hayah means became not was<br />
without form- translated from the hebrew word tohuw means to lie waste desolatation<br />
void-translated from bowhu means an indistinguishable ruin<br />
darkness-chosek means to become dark<br />
deep- tehowm means a surging mass of water<br />
Isa 45:18-19<br />
18 For thus saith the LORD that created the heavens; God himself that formed the earth and made it; he hath established it, he created it not in vain, he formed it to be inhabited: I am the LORD; and there is none else. (KJV)<br />
<br />
The word vain in this scripure is translated from the word tohuw<br />
<br />
It is important to point out that the separation of Chapters, Verses, Sentences, and even the spaces between words is the work of the Scribes and the Translators. In the ancient Manusc<x>ripts, the whole page is written like one long word. The Scribes and Translators only had their interpretation of the meaning of the sc<x>ripture to use as a guide, when separating Chapters, Verses, Lines, and the words. <br />
<br />
So Shallow that is why it is so confusing and messed up when peeps trying to teach from something that they do not even have the true meaning and do not understand it. Alot is in there that earth is eonssssssssssss years old if you have the time to dig deep. <br />
<br />
This would be more like the true meaning in English: In the begining of time, when that was isn't stated, God created everything in the Heavens and on the earth. Then some unknown length of time later, something catastrophic occurred that made God's Creation come to utter destruction, it became a wasted place. This destruction manifested itself among other things as a total flood. So complete was this destructive event that not only did the earth become an indistinguishable ruin, but even the sun stopped shining its light upon it, and all the earth was cast into utter darkness.<br />
<br />
Then the second sentence of verse 2 starts the rejuvenation of the Earth<br />
...And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.<br />
<br />
It is not written how much time transpired between the destruction of the first earth age and the rejuvenation of the earth for the second earth age. <br />
The first earth age was inhabited by us, by our souls in a different form, there were no flesh human bodies then (animals yes). In that first earth age we all had spiritual bodies, in this earth age we have flesh bodies because we were created and formed from the dust of the earth. <br />
<br />
When God destroyed that first earth age, the souls, the spiritual bodies returned to the Father (God), just as we do when we die in this earth age. But spiritual bodies leave no organic remains. When we die today, only our organic remains (flesh and bone) remain to be buried. Our soul, our spiritual being or spiritual body so to speak, returns instantly to the Father whom gave it. <br />
<br />
In this present second earth age we have two bodies, one within the other, and they can only be separated by death. In the first earth age we only had the spiritual bodies. You know that when someone dies today we bury their body, but their soul goes back to God that gave it. It is this soul that will be judged either to Heaven or "Hell". But the deceased flesh that we bury simply rots back to the dirt and minerals that they are formed of.<br />
<br />
Your spirit (your intellect) and your soul will either live forever or will be consumed in the lake of fire (Hell). Just as you will never find or see any physical remains of someone's soul, or spiritual body; neither will you find physical remains of those spiritual bodies that inhabited the earth in the first earth age. You will however, find the remains of their existence; the markings, tools, and the residue of settlements. But the spiritual bodies went back to the Father, and are now in the process of going through this second earth age, in flesh bodies. There is a reason for this. <br />
Every soul goes through each earth age only one time, but it is the same one soul! Use this as an analogy: At one time we were all infants, then children, and eventually adults, but it was always us, the same one person.<br />
<br />
There are to be three earth ages altogether. We know that we live in one and that "Heaven" is another one, so it should not be surprising that there was one before our present one. All Souls, all of us, were present in that first earth age but God does not allow us to retain knowledge of it. He place a veil between that age and this one so that none of us could recollect it. That may have something to do with the fact that Scientists tells us that we only use approximately 9% of our brains (exact percentage disputed). In the eternity (Heaven) we will have full recall of all three earth ages, and full use of our intellect. There is no mental retardation in a spiritual body, nor is there disease and malformation, the spiritual body does not even age.<br />
<br />
In that first earth age in which all our souls lived, satan rebelled against God and led one third of God's children to fight against him - Rev 12:4 "And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth". <br />
<br />
As stated, in this first earth age we were all in spiritual bodies. We were not born of woman like we are in this earth age, in fact there are no female forms with spiritual bodies, nor do they age, which is why whenever there is a report in the Bible of an Angel it is always described as a young male. That doesn't mean that the females that are in this earth age didn't exist then, it just means that in spiritual bodies there is no need for pregnancy and physical birth, thus we were all in the same form, having no female gender. See Luke 20:28-38, Specifically:<br />
Luke 20:34-36<br />
34 And Jesus answering said unto them, The children of this world marry, and are given in marriage:<br />
35 But they which shall be accounted worthy to obtain that world, and the resurrection from the dead, neither marry, nor are given in marriage:<br />
36 Neither can they die any more: for they are equal unto the angels; and are the children of God, being the children of the resurrection. KJV<br />
<br />
In this great war in Heaven which brought about the destruction of the first earth age, satan and his misguided bunch of blasphemers of course lost. God destroyed that first earth age. Your best documentation of that first earth age would be in the best account of it's destruction, found in the book of Jeremiah:<br />
<br />
Jer 4:22-27<br />
22 For my people is foolish, they have not known me; they are sottish children, and they have none understanding: they are wise to do evil, but to do good they have no knowledge.<br />
23 I beheld the earth, and, lo, it was without form, and void; and the heavens, and they had no light.<br />
<br />
Here you see a second sc<x>riptural witness to Genesis 1:2, this lets you know that we are talking about the destruction of the first earth age. This destruction was brought about by water, just as with Noah's flood, but should not be confused by Noah's flood; they were two different events.<br />
<br />
24 I beheld the mountains, and, lo, they trembled, and all the hills moved lightly.<br />
<br />
This is thought by some (including us) to be the cause of the earth being off-kilter. It is a fact that the earth spins on an axis that is 23½ degrees of center, and also that True North and Magnetic North are several degrees apart; the number of degrees varies depending where on earth you take the measurement.<br />
<br />
25 I beheld, and, lo, there was no man, and all the birds of the heavens were fled.<br />
<br />
We see in verse 25 above: "there was no man" and "all the birds of the heavens were fled", that we are not talking about Noah's flood here. For Noah, his family, as well as sets of every flesh animal, including birds, passed through the flood!<br />
<br />
26 I beheld, and, lo, the fruitful place was a wilderness, and all the cities thereof were broken down at the presence of the LORD, and by his fierce anger. <br />
<br />
We also see that the first earth age was inhabited, and even had cities: "all the cities thereof were broken down". Are thee any remains of these cities left today? Well there is some work being done on the ocean floor, but the results are not in. There seem to be city grids well beneath the ocean surface in one place. This is possible as with the destruction of the first earth age in Genesis 1:2(a) (i.e., the first half of verse) "And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep", and the subsequent rejuvenating of it in Gen 1:2(b) "And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters" there may well have been a massive shift of the land masses. <br />
<br />
27 For thus hath the LORD said, The whole land shall be desolate; yet will I not make a full end.<br />
<br />
God said that the ruin of that first earth age wasn't the end; Thus we have this second earth age in which we live now.<br />
<br />
So when you understand that God wholly destroyed the earth with water before Noah's Flood, then much difficulty is removed from many sc<x>riptures. The destruction from Noah's Flood was nowhere as complete as the first destruction, as we seen. After Noah's Flood God promised to never destroy the earth with water again "...neither shall there any more be a flood to destroy the earth." (Gen 9:11). (Next time he shall use fire).<br />
<br />
Our Jeremiah sc<x>ripture above was the destruction of the first earth age in God's own words through the Prophet Jeremiah. God was very angry at his creation because they had tried to overthrow Him. But he would have had to destroy one third of his children that had joined satan and rebelled against him Rev 12:4, and He did not want to do that. If you had three kids, no matter how much they betrayed you, could you bring yourself to kill one of them? <br />
<br />
So this second earth age, this flesh earth age, became necessary so as to allow every soul to come through it and make a choice between following God or following satan. Those are the only two choices, and if you do not make a conscious choice to love and follow God through Jesus Christ, then you have made a unconscious choice to follow satan with the ways of this world. <br />
<br />
God placed a veil between this earth age and the first so that we cannot know what side we were on in that revolt, nor do we posses any memory of it. Each soul can only pass through each earth age one time; just like we live in this earth age but we can also live in the next earth age, referred to as Heaven. Well why would it be so difficult to accept that there was one before this one, that made this one necessary? We are flesh now, but in Heaven we will be spirit, and in the first earth age we were also in spiritual bodies.<br />
<br />
God also gave this earth age the benefit of a Savior; Jesus Christ. But at the same time He allowed satan an equal chance to deceive us again, or else, what would be the use of this earth age, which itself is nothing more than a proving ground, a place and a time for us to decide whom we will Love and follow?<br />
<br />
In 2nd Peter 3:5-13 we see all three of the earth ages mentioned. By having them all three spoken of in order, in the same sc<x>ripture, it would be impossible for someone to think that we are mistaking a complex combination of different sc<x>riptures and arriving at an unsound conclusion about three separate earth ages. The below are all given in order without a break.<br />
<br />
2 Pet 3:5-13<br />
5 For this they willingly are ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the water and in the water:<br />
6 Whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished: <br />
<br />
This was the first earth age. The one God had to destroy because of revolt.<br />
<br />
7 But the heavens and the earth, which are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men.<br />
<br />
This is this present earth age (second) that we live in now. <br />
<br />
8 But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.<br />
9 The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.<br />
10 But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.<br />
11 Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness,<br />
12 Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat?<br />
13 Nevertheless we, according to his promise, look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness. (KJV)<br />
<br />
This is the third age yet to come (commonly referred to as Heaven).<br />
<br />
When God came to me personally in 2007 and changed the chanels on the television and spoke to me. God said he could start the whole planet over again with just me. I begged him not too. I love my children so much. I was up for 3 days I spent that time with God and he introduced me to angels and demons that you can not see but I could talk to them. At the end of the three days I fell asleep and had the most wonderful dream of a marriage that lasted for thousands of years was like a movie played forwards and backwards. I rarely ever remember my dreams. I have had like maybe 7 dreams my whole lifetime that I remember after I am awake. Every dream I have ever had thus far in my life has always come true. At the end of this dream the earth blew up in a fire explosion and at the very moment the dream ended my mother whom lived 600 miles away from me was ringing my doorbell. I was too scared to open the door for the plan for the new earth to include everyone on the planet was for my parents to be locked up. Next a police came I open up the door with just the chainlink still there for I was in a see through shirt no bra and boxers. The cop said step outside. I did and the cop threw me to the ground cuffed, shackeled and another officer came and they carried me to the back of a police car and took me 200 miles away to Dallas to a mental hospital.

If you dig deeper into Apostle Paul's teachings you will know there are at the least been 3 earth ages. One before the flood and one before Adam. I believe Apostle Paul greatly he was spoken too directly with audible voice in front of witnessess and made blinded so he could believe in Jesus. He changed from being a persecutor of the gentiles and saducees to becoming a peacemaker. Back in the day he would of been stoned imediately if he would of said I just became incarnated. In todays world 2000 years later you can be locked up in the physc ward for it what do you think would of happen to him? I have great admiration and respect for him but I love God more than anything and what God says to me I trust and will do. God has never told me that the bible is wrong. God has told me that some peeps were teaching it wrong. Not just some a lot. There are so many chuches that do not even teach the whole bible just bits and pieces without the whole story. That in itself is confusing. You can't just skip around and get the true meaning you have to study it like a text book. Every tiny verse even the shortest one " Jesus wept" has deep meaning to it. You can't take away any of those words or it does not make sense confusing and wrong to do so. The bible even says its wrong to do so.

Hello All,<br />
<br />
If you have not yet looked at "Pistis Sophia" By JJ Hurtak<br />
<br />
This just blew my mind away with the messages that the Gospals left out. <br />
<br />
Love being on earth this time around.

@Anachel<br />
I have seen what they track, and what most have foretold.. All of this to me, is proof that these stories are older, much much older... The world's religions today are are a very broken down version of something older than our known history... I feel there is much much more... Respect to you Anachel.

@kitsgamesandads<br />
<br />
The prophecies? is that all you got?<br />
cause these same prophecies from the bible are much older than the bible.. your statement only feeds more to my cause.. just because a Christian man is prophetic, does not mean the bible is correct.. and if that is true.. then what about Nostradamus? How about the Mayans and the Egyptians? how about the Greeks and the Norse? you are correct about knowledge leading to arrogance, it is true, but the same arrogance is applied without knowledge.. so that was a pointless statement.. My judgement will not be tamed, if you have something to throw at me.. then do it, I look forward to be proven wrong.. but for years I have argued this, and the best that has been thrown at me is prophecies, they mean nothing. Psychic's exist.. they could be athiest or not.. Prophecies are prophecies.. no matter what religion.. let us argue the Bible now..

Read the "Signs of the Times" and look around you - how can 26 prophesies come true be coincidental . .(What are the chances of that.?..10 to the power of 26) . .unrelated things but coinciding today. (Read Matt 24;Mark 13;Luke 21; The books Daniel and Revelations as well as 2 Timothy 3: 1-5. I can quote many other references and bits of info . .but lets just keep this friendly . .the CHRISTIAN BIBLE also says that love builds you up but (a little bit) of knowledge can lead to arrogance.<br />
We can all learn .but i'd be careful to be so categoric in my statements.If you know at what levels these things have been debated through the millenia you'd be aliitle slower in your judgements.<br />
But lets keep it friendly<br />
Jesus loves you

I love hearing everyones opinions it's great.<br />
Prophesy/ Theology; <br />
We are all different in our ways in thinking and beliefs.<br />
Can not imagine how boring this world would be if we could just progam everyone into our own personal ways and thoughts.<br />
The most important to me is having a relationship with the God of my soul, to treat everyone as an equal, and be good to this spaceship traveling through the universe together.<br />
Besides we havn't found another planet to pollute yet, but were working on it.<br />
Take care

I have seen Zeitgeist, But I have also done research on my own aswell.. Some that I havent written yet. Thank you so much for your comment!

Thank yo so much for your writing. People who consider themselves to be true Christians will most likely toss aside every bit of it. There's no place in a closed world for anything but what that world is closed to. You must have seen the original 2007 Zeitgeist movie in which all of this is explained so eloquently. The movie can be seen online here: I think the movie is a must see for EVERYONE, but I also think the people who most need to see it will be the last ones to do so. It will be rejected in favor of defending their post - that of being controlled under the delusion of having control of their own lives.

I have a perfect answer to your prophecy statement.. and It is indeed a valid statement.. But can be easily tossed right back at you.. Many... Many... Many... Many.. Hundred's of people have foretold the same event's the bible have.. and they have done it thousand's of year's before the bible existed.. even older than those book's.. There are many Prophet's that have seen the event's that are happening.. And are happening.. But the difference is.. The bible prophet's claim it in god's name.. Even athiest can Foretell Such thing's.. It is a matter of gift's.. I know someone will want to reply to that.. and Say.. These are Gift's from God, A gift that so happen to have been given to a Pagan.. or A Buddhist.. Whatever.. YOu get my point.. How do you know it come's from god? Faith? Well.. Faith cant be put with Science in History.. Faith is man's judgement.. Nostradamus was a Astrologist, The Mayan's were pagan's... The Egyptian's were Pagan's.. Even Native American's knew of these thing's that were going to happen.. With no knowledge of the Eastern Land's existing.. That right there knock's the Bible out of Prophecy..

Hi my friend,<br />
<br />
Then you have the issue of trying to explain away prophecy, which the Bible has been 100% on. Ironically as we write today, end time prophecy is happening right before our eyes in Egypt and the middle east as God is bringing a close to man's governmental rule, preparing for His own return to govern.<br />
<br />
The Bible can certainly stand on it's own and has come out of history very intact. Those who find inconsistencies and corruption do so because they don't want God or anything to do with absolute truth. Like certain scientists who seek to disprove creation, there are certain scholars who seek to disprove His word too. <br />
<br />
But the proof is right in front of our eyes. We don't need to be manipulated into believing it. Prophecy is happening at a whirring rate now and those who want God will be found. Those who don't will remain in blindness to what is all around them.<br />
<br />
Romans 1:18-32

-sigh- If I had the energy, I would explain prophecy, and no the bible hasnt been 100% on..

Layne, every generation since Paul thinks they are in the "end times", and they have always had the "evidence" to back up the many "fulfilments". And they, like you, believed what they wanted to. You live long enough, you see it happening. Before 1945, all the endtimes "prophets" were declaring that only Jesus as the retruning Messiah could restore Israel (as he was supposed to the first time around). Then Britain and the Zionist movement proved them wrong. David Wilkerson had a "Vision" and said the end was coming in the 70's based on the signs. Hal Lindsay said the same thing in the 1980's. Tim LaHay tried the same thing in the 1990's with his book series, showing how all the signs were being fulfilled. Mmm. I see a pattern here. People being manipulated into believing its the endtimes, so go save everybody and bring them to church and put money in the plate that we pass around every service. Who are the ones "remaining in blindness"? I say it is those who fall to the cries of "Chicken Little" who claims the sky is falling. Please learn from the boy who cried wolf. Don't fall for this same old song and dance. Jesus may come back. We could use him to straighten out his crazy church who claims to follow him. But he's not coming "soon". You need to be suspicious of anyone who says so and make sure they aren't reaching for your wallet.