Christianity Has Serious Problems

 i myself am not christian, but there are some people in my family who are. i personally think its screwed up. they put down everything that they don't agree with, like witchcraft, or gay people.  sometimes i feel like giving them a piece of my mind. and the cross? most people think its a symbol of faith, but actually, its a symbol of torture. *rolls eyes* and whats up with hharry potter? dude, if you don't like it, keep it to yourself. don't go preaching to other people about how it's going to corrupt children. *cough* laura mallory *cough* and don't get me startedon da vinci code....
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shouldnt bad people be able to believe in something too? or be in a religion? you cant stop ignorant people or bad people from being in religions? christianity like all other religions has ignorance in it .nothing we could do about it really. just respect other peoples beliefs even if its difficult to agree with. I try my hardest to understand and love all living things and do what is right. i still have lots to work on but im working on it. im not a christian but a seeker of knowledge and a peace maker :) -natalie

Christianity is a mess because they've changed the bible long ago and that when things have been going down for yah ..tht sucks. As for the things you mentioned, gay people are sinners, if god created them , how come they cannot give birth . it is nonsense. God didnt reate anyone gay, it is their excuse and satanic thoughts telling them it is okay to go ahead god made you that way. absoulout bull.

If I could just ask, have you ever read the Bible in its entirety? :)

Man, this sucks. I'm a Christian and it really upsets me to see other Christians acting like this. To me, they seem to be very ignorant and judgmental, which is not at all how a Christian should be. I freaking love the Harry Potter movies & the Da Vinci Code, but they're works of fiction. I believe them about as much as I believe Star Wars (also awesome). I know you were just giving a couple examples with witchcraft & gay people & that there's a lot more that they probably put down (ie. abortion, etc). The truth is that there are certain things that we (Christians) believe God says are right or wrong and we can say that God says this is right/God says this is wrong. But we cannot judge any person because of what we think we know about them. It's very easy to put a generalized label on someone and then assume we know them, but I believe that only God truly knows what's in our hearts. I don't have any problem with gay people. I'm friends with several honestly. God doesn't have a problem with people themselves either, but he may have a problem with things that they do...and that goes for everyone. Everyone's actions are subject to God's judgement, it's just that homosexuality has become a very controversial topic only because we made it that way. It's no better nor worse than anything else that may we as humans may do that is not good in God's eyes.

I am a Christian,and yert I agree with you.I find myself being a hyprocrite (did I spell that right?).However Christians who are against whitchcraft and Homosexuality are just going with what God says.I agree with you when you say you don't want to be preached at,but that's what God calls us to do.He also calls us to stand up for our faith. As a christian I don't want people to look at me and say there's another one if those Christians.We are not all alike.I just want people to see how God works through me.I let him do the preaching

im christian ... and i dont think that my faith has serious problems , but i think that some people IN the faith do.... just like any goup in the world.... but please dont lump us all together... im not a person who bashes gay people or a person who brow beats and then wonder why people dont believe... i dont have a problem with harry potter or the di vinci code... both are fiction to me so no need to get my panties in a bunch...<br />
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the only thing i can do is share with people what my beliefs are and hope they get what ever god wants for them to get out of it.....<br />
other than that i am just me and let my actions and my light shine in the world .... i think that is the best way to promote christianity... and always remember not to get on a i am greater than thou kick ...

you have to understand not every christian is the same. I know a lot of good christian people. All of which like Harry friend is even a die hard fan of him. As far as witchcraft goes I don't think it's really the religious part of the whole thing as it is the parents of these people teaching them it's evil ya know. I think if they decided to look into it...not practice it...they have a religion I'm not out to change anyones religion here...but just study it a little they'd find that it's not what they think it is and it's not bad. As far as gays go...I understand why christians think that way but I don't agree with any means. It's just...the world needs to adapt. I mean come one point all blacks where slaves and couldn't own land or there are the idiots out there who feel other wise still but blacks are equal to whites in every way. They world just has to adapt. <br />
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Here's something to think about though...what you said about it's screwed up....doesn't that sounds just like the kind of christian you describe except your on the opposite side of the argument. If you want other people to have an open mind you have to have one yourself...then you can teach your children to be open minded and that will make a good start in helping the world adapt.

I agree with you completely. Gays are born that way and witchcraft is a religion too and condemning other people's religion or how a person is born is evil and immoral.