Flailing Bird.

I was raised christian. My mother's family in particular are devout. My father's family are lacking any sort of faith which in my opinion created a more comfortable environment. I was made go to church every sunday and supervised as I recited my prayers that even to my child-like ears focused on how I owe god for this and that and I should love him. When I was only six, I said to my grandmother, 'but I don't love him, I don't kow him'. As I got older I got frustrated with the lack of credible answers to controversial questions. Every response was 'have faith', and that was it. It wasn't enough.

I go to a school that until a few years ago was over run with old-fashioned nuns. I'm so tired of small-minded and ignorant believers. Ignorant being the key word here, look at the present pope.

I think the problem with christianity nowowdays is that it's run its course. There is nothing there anymore. Regardless of it's bloody history, christianity is based solely on what happened in the past and how we owe so and so. We were never pure thanks to original sin and only god can give us salvation. So sick of hearing that.

Maybe once it was legit, I don't know. And I think too much has passed for it to redeem itself. Somewhere along the way it became a 'religion'  and lost all it supposedly stood for; comfort, belief and community. It's like a dying bird flailing around on the concrete. But something tells me it's going to do a little more harm first. But heh, that's just my opinion.

Faile Faile
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I like your simile: "It's like a dying bird flailing around the concrete." I'd say, that bird is a vulture, that has fed off humanity's ignorance for two thousand years. But rational thought born of reason will be the big fat cat that eats that bird. Then humanity will be able to explore life and the universe free of that ignorant taint that religion bestows upon so much of what we do and strive for.

If I could just ask, have you ever read the Bible in its entirety? :)

Hi,<br />
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Welcome back from the God delusion! <br />
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Its great that you did not fall permanent victim to religious indoctrination through exposure as a child to organized religion.<br />
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Hopefully you will fully recover.<br />
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If we were to put an individual to a rational test and as an individual they always defied logic and evidence and claimed that their "leap of faith" in an imaginary being was enough to answer any question at hand - well we call those people crazy. But if they do it in a room of like minded people - well we call that a cult.<br />
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But if they are all warm and fuzzy feeling and get together when they do this en masse. It is called religion.<br />
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Resist the societal control mechanisms. All of them.<br />
<br />
"Human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted"<br />
Martin Luther King Jr.

Not all christianity is bad. I'm a christian and I've never said a memorized prayer in my life. My religion teaches you to speak from the heart. That God doesn't want to hear a memorized prayer over and over and over again...he wants to hear how you feel and what's going on. He's our father after all. I just don't think it's fair of you to condemn all christianity because of the mistakes of a part of it. I do understand where your coming from on the "have faith" thing. That was something I have and do struggle with, but sometimes there are answers to your questions...you just have to know where to look. Other questions...the fact of the matter is they aren't all that important anyways so there's no use in really stressing over them. But then you don't have those questions where it really is something you just have to trust God on. Hey I have to run but maybe I can help you with some questions if your up to talk...and if I don't know maybe I can find someone who does. By the way.. God isn't hard to get to know. You just have to make the effort. Write me if you want...hopefully I'll talk to ya later.