Dont Blame the Religion

 I wont tell you to study the religion cuz you have already made up your mind about it.I will tell you that there are jackasses in every religion and they make the religion they assume they are poster children of,look real bad.Not all islamic people blow up buildings,not all buddhists are fat,not all catholics have 20 kids,and not all protestants breathe fire..I know alot of people who say they are something but they are not.Its a form of hypocrisy,not a thing to do with what the religion is all about. Its not the religion, It is the jackasses misinterpretation(sometimes deliberate to suit their wants),that makes it bad.
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Awesome! You are so right!

It doesn't matter what some religious ppl say. Religion is bad all on its own. Unreason is still unreason, no matter who accepts or rejects it.

Well said blackcat

Black cat,<br />
You hit it on the head. Will send you a supply of catnip for the Purrfect answer.


i share the same sentiments :D

You are so right Black Cat, couldn't have said it better