Hypocrisy Of Christains

So republicans who worship Jesus, hmmm.... cutting programs that feed the hungry and heal the sick. Pro death penalty and pro war mongering, love everyone....something is not adding up.

Hypocrisy of Christians

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It always gets to me, but as Christianity is trying to look for the Anti-Christ. I think I discovered what the Anti-Christ (Is!)! American's who are trying to claim a County in the Name Of Jesus Christ. It is not what the Real Jesus Christ (I would think,), ... had in mind. Its a Jesus Christ for its own Political and World Conquering Gains and Claims. To say that the God of the Universe and this Jesus Christ Backs them Up! If there is any Truth to their being an Anti-Christ? I believe it has been America all this time. Too many have been sleeping and not waking up to this.

thx chakra :)

@airesgirl....Cut the bull! America was native american before the christian invaders came over here and called the 'invasion' and 'genocide', 'colonization' and 'manifest destiny' and as far as your bible goes I have only one more thing to say...WHATEVER

I Believe the Anti-Christ has been the Miss Interpretation of Christ through out our History and was used from the Early Church of Rome in and since the 1400's and through Spain when Columbus Sailed to this New World. The Spanish Inquisition Conquering all of North, Central and Southern America has been the Horseman of the Anti-Christ. (What I believe in) America's Sign of the Beast has been Wall Street and the belief in Slavery of other cultural Races on this Earth. The Spanish have ever since 1400's been using Christ for their Worldly Gain, not what it was really meant to be. It is my belief that the Mayan Calendar 12/21/2012 means this American Anti-Christ Period might finally come to an End. Hopefully well intended if we are awake on these matters (???) Maybe the Deception will be lifted away soon?

Also I think Football is a Sign of the Beast. I have a hard time believing a God thinks more about this, than the state that this world is in. And Christianity tries to justify this twist of ideas. Not Right! People spend more time wanting a Sport and then this Real God. I've noticed that Football to the Christians is really more important to them than God is after all. It's Self Denial!

Also! If I can remember. I don't read the Bible any more. In the book of Revelation it had 7 Secret Thunders. And I am beginning to believe 1 of them was Hurricane Sandy. I think it was a Blessing in Disguise. It may very well kept Romney from Winning (?Might then actually had a Anti-Christ Leader??) The 7 Secret Thunders was to make Judgement on the Anti-Christ. I am hearing how it came to American's by Surprise, other than Weather Forecasting. But its Damage was a big Surprise and the Timing of it. And it was too ... (Almost perfect with Election Time for this.). I know science may say a freak storm departed the Dead Red? Sea, but how did Moses come to the Dead Red? Sea with this Storm being at the Perfect Time? I think God has been Intelligent Extraterrestrial Aliens. Our whole concepts are never understood with any accurate knowledge about what we are really facing in this Earth, World and Universe. I like it when others wake up to what the Real Truths are, then following the lies handed down from Generation to Generation and taken Gullibility by our Wicked and Evil Past.

Yes, I tend to agree with much of that :)

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