Contrary To Popular Belief, We Are Human.

If you stab us, we bleed. That means if other Christians stab us, we bleed too - even if the needle has been blessed. (Yes I know a similar statement was made by Shylock the Jew in The Merchant of Venice. But if fits here too.  EP doesn't like the word p r i c k .)

Now there are exceptions of course, like surviving deadly poison or being bitten by a poisonous snake and surviving unharmed by a miracle of God. (Incidentally, He doesn't just save the lives of Christians.)

That stuff about Christians being untouched by anything, based on a Bible verse here and a Bible verse there...well consider the disciples to whom Luke 10 was spoken in person, and consider how most of them died. Christians, like other people, are hurt and abused and killed every day. We are not immune to anything that is human.

Incidentally, when a missionary is in a tight spot I don't think he names and claims things better or speaks them into being. I rather think he cries out to God in prayer.

Contrary to popular belief, Christians do actually experience the same emotions that other people experience - even the unpleasant ones. They should not be shamed for this, not even by others of the same faith. Being a Christian does not take away all our pain or numb it out, even though God is with us and helps us endure.
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Thank you!!!
I've had other Christians tell me that if I realy believed in God, I wouldn't have any problems. And one of those people has been suffering from a very serious illness for over a decade of their life.

FINALLY SOMEONE SAID IT THANK YOU SO MUCHHHHH!! Why do people always think that Christians can't "relate to anything" or have feelings. 😂

do you believe that in an ideal world the bible should be followed?

Yes, in the right ways, although parts of the Bible (like the Old Testament smiting, for example) were specific for certain times and situations in history.

how do we decide which parts are relevant now and which parts are no longer relevant? is that a personal decision or is there a ruling from god or the church as to which bits we can now ignore?

Yes that's true.

no. it just seems to me that i'm hearing that you only have to follow the bits of the bible that make sense in today's context. what i don't understand is who decides which bits make sense and which bits don't

The bible out of context is a dangerous thing. But I believe the reason the bible is separated by old and new testament is because the new testament is when Jesus came and brought well a new testament or order. But that's just my understanding. Like an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth is in the Old Testament but Jesus taught us to turn the other cheek in the New Testament. I'm not sure if this is exactly correct but it was how I was taught

Yes, and each person needs to have their own relationship with God, not just go to church and believe what other people tell them. They can pray for understanding and ask God to help them do things right.

I was taught you were supposed to pray for understanding before you read the bible anytime you read it.

Yes. But not everyone is taught that.

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