A Christmas Memory

It was a cold snowy Christmas Eve
Curled up in bed
Excited for the mornings coming
Loud noise from living room
Curious now, was it Santa?
Jump out of bed
Sneaks slightly across the hall
No Santa, only dad
Fallen on the floor again
advances to check him
Still breathing, that is good
I get some water
But then he moves, awaken
His glare meets mine
He demands to know the time
Its late, I admit
He demands to know why I'm up
I was thirsty is all
Since your up, get to work
He grabs my forearm
Throws me to the ground
I take a look
In front of my lays toys
and wrapping paper
Wrap these presents up
Then you can go to bed
He stutters between sips
I stare for a moment as tears build up
What bout Santa, I mutter
Doesnt he do this?
My dad stares then laughs
Your four, time to grow the **** up
He finishes his drink
Then goes to bed
leaving me alone with my broken dream

IzabelKincade IzabelKincade
22-25, F
1 Response Dec 8, 2012

I'm so sorry Iz :(
No kid should have Santa stolen from them like that. No kid should be treated that way.

thanks hun