Joy To Some .painful To Others

The fact that this time is for getting together with family and friends ....makes those that are alone feel even lonelier .

And the sight of people shopping for gifts for their loved ones , makes those that are in financial hardships ..feel worst since they are unable to buy anything for those they love..

I myself do not have much in the way of family to speak of  , however was blessed with such a friend base that I literally am never alone...but I feel so much compassion for those without ...

I volunteer time to a homeless shelter where I live and I see the faces on the people especially this time of year and I feel so much empathy for them ... that I just want to grab each one and hug them and show them someone cares ......that someone is thinking of them ... and that if only for a little while they are not alone .



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I agree very much with your opinions and I too used to volunteer at shelters both in and around Christmas time and also throughout the year. I also volunteered at food banks a few times and it can be a very hard time for many people. It is a great time for those that have, and can be an awful time for those that don't.<br />
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I have never been a person that has liked Christmas terribly since I was in my teens as far as I can remember (as a kid I liked the toys of it all) but as I grew up, something in it changed. When you see so many people that not only can't celebrate in the ways we take for granted (no money, no friends, lost a loved one in and around that day, the stresses around going home, family - those with broken or dysfunctional family relationships etc.) then it becomes almost an exclusive holiday in some ways. <br />
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I think out of the spirit of giving (not presents - but love), I wish this holiday were more about giving thanks for all of the things you have - sharing your good fortunes and love with as many people as you come in contact with, and celebrating the positive powers you believe in (be it God or whatever moves you to do good) and then including as many people that may not have any of the above things that would include them in this holiday.<br />
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Once you see the holiday as one where many people are excluded, it saddens or taints the beauty of the idea and spirit of Christmas as this holiday was not originally about giving and getting presents - it was so much more.

ahhh Paul I am sorry about your loney christmas ...but I will agree with you ...I do volunteer work regularly and whenever I feel down ..when I go to the shelter and see them... do you know though some were so down ..there were those that were smiling!! actually smiling and here they have no home and had to stand on a long line to get a basic meal... it shamed me for ever complaing about my own circumstances....Thank you Paul for commenting ...happy holidays darling *hugs Paul*

Just when you think your troubles are bad there are always those worse off.I too find myself alone this Christmas,pretty much abandoned by the family who ment so much,but I at least have a roof of my own over my head .Keep up the good work as you sound like a real sweetheart.

ohh MM you should see their sad faces ... I could hardly bring myself to leave .. I wanted to just grab them all and try to help all of them ... do you know when I left them I was supposed to buy some presents for my friends and I couldnt ... I couldnt go shopping and pretend everything was ok and hunky dory when I just left people that were so tired and beaten by life ..... I did not do much my friend I dished out food and walked around and talk to some , I tried to make some smile but that is not enough...but I will keep going back because doing even this small bit I believe is better than doing nothing *sighs* ..thank you for the comment darling

Awesome kitti...So its christmas time there and everyone is busy buying presents there right?<br />
Even if you spend five minutes of your time to the needy I can say it would not have gone waste..their lives are so miserable kitti..So every second we give is like a heaven to them!! Its great you are doing that kitti!!