Cinisim Can Be Whitty and Punny

Cinisim .......

Yes sarcasims ugly partner.  Powerfull when used as a punny whitty smack in the face...

Often directed at pushy do gooders. Also seen smacking down unwelcome drop ins. So fly that freak flag of Passive agression and smack the world with the Cinisim only a furios Red Headed ANgel Can!!!!!


furiousangel furiousangel
26-30, F
3 Responses Jun 29, 2007

lol, way to go furious!

No, its just im so ******* stoned I dont care. hey were you the ******* bitching the other day, because we were all bots...due to no spelling errors?? um um did i spell that all right??????

I'm curious - are deliberate spelling errors the new l33t sp33k? I'm so out of the loop.